RV Motor Home Furniture Manufacturers

There are several RV motor home furniture manufacturers but the two most popular in the RV world are Flexsteel and Mastercraft.

When it comes to buying furniture for your RV, every RV owner has dilemma which an RV furniture manufacturer to choose.

There are several producers of RV furniture but some of them are more popular. These are Villa International, Kustom Fit, Discount RV Furniture.

Top RV motor home manufacturers

-          Villa International is a world's famous manufacturer of high quality RV and marine furniture. All their products are hand-crafted and custom finished. At the same time their furniture is luxurious and functional. Villa International company makes highly comfortable and stylish furniture for all kinds of motor homes. They produce driver and passenger seats, sofas and J-lounges, chairs and recliners, dinettes. Driver and passenger seats feature heat and massage capabilities, electric footrest and lumbar adjustment and electric recline. Sofas and J-lounges have three different sleeper configurations providing you full relaxation. Dinettes come with hinged doors, optional drawers for storage, and unique design that will enable you to expand it to form an extra bed. Villa RV furniture may be seen in the most beautiful coaches on the road such as Beaver, Fleetwood, Foretravel, Marathon, Winnebago and many others.

-          Kustom Fit is the oldest RV furniture manufacturer on the market today. They produce the furniture for motor homes in top quality. They offer excellent sofa beds, comfortable driver and passenger seats, recliners all made out of quality materials such as leather, ultraleather and fabrics. While manufacturing the furniture Kustom Fit company takes care of all the details trying to produce reliable and durable furniture for motor homes.

-          Discount RV furniture has been producing RV furniture for more than 40 years. Their RV furniture is of high quality and their prices are very acceptable. They are producing all kinds of RV furniture such as sofas, dinettes, captain's chairs, recliners. Their RV furniture is designed for optimal performance on the open road. The furniture made by Discount RV Furniture is made out of quality leather which is as soft as calfskin and is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Also the furniture produced by this manufacturers is very durable

Visitor's Story:

Flexsteel is a leader in the industry providing attractive durable and affordable furniture to the RV and marine industry.

Mastercraft is one of the leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture for mobile homes and for the home.

Flexsteel makes tables and chairs, sofas, sofa beds and recliners to name just a few of their products. A very popular new recliner is their Euro-chair. As you put the head rest back, the seat moves into different positions so that the chair contours to your body angle.

You can get free-standing recliners or bolt down units. Bolting furniture to the floor keeps it from shifting around your motor home while in transit. While this furniture is comparable in price and quality to pieces you would buy for your home, it can still be a considerable outlay so you will want to save money if you can.

These products rarely find their way to the auction site, it does happen occasionally. My friend Joe actually found an almost new Flexsteel recliner that was salvaged from a wreck. He bought it from a seller in Arkansas. Even with shipping charges to Iowa, he got it for just under 35% off list price.When you buy on eBay you may not get a warranty and there is almost a no return policy when you buy from private individuals. Also remember to include the cost of shipping and decide if you are still saving money.

Avoid getting caught up in a bidding frenzy, the thrill of a win could wind up costing you much more than that piece of furniture is worth. If you need furniture for your recreational vehicle or 5th wheeler you should look for either of these brands. You cant go wrong.


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