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It is a good idea to have plan for your RV motor-home winter storage place...

As motor homes are a very serious investment, it is highly recommended to protect them in the period when not in use in order to get many years of use.

When camping season is over, the time has come to think about storing the motor home so it is ready to use the next season.

While some people have an ample space on their property and have no problem with storing their motor homes, others are facing with a huge problem-space to park their huge vehicles.

Today, there are a great number of RV storage companies, which provide outstanding storage facilities to the customers. All you have to do is to select the best storage facilities for your motor home. This may need some time and money but when you have found the perfect place to store your precious vehicle you will surely be mostly satisfied.

When deciding about the RV storage companies first you must decide whether you want an outdoor or indoor storage. Usually outdoor storage is cheaper than indoor storage.

On the other hand, outdoor storage will expose your RV motor home to elements like sunlight, storms, rain and other elements that may damage the motor home while indoor storage facilities will protect it from all these damaging elements and will provide climate-controlled environment.

Another important aspect when choosing RV motor home storage company is the location of the company. You should choose the company that provides you an easy access to your motor home.
Some RV storage companies provide additional amenities like washing and maintenance of the vehicles, battery charging which keep your RV in good condition for longer periods.

RV motor home storage companies also have different security measures. Some of them have simple security measures like fenced parking while some have more advanced security devices such as surveillance cameras and security guards.

And know Certified Technician, Randy Murray invites for a basic overview on preparing your camper or trailer for extended storage. He covers critical areas such as roof and wall seals, vent and water system care, and more!

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If you only use your mobile home during a particular season or for a few one or two week vacations, you will need to think about RV motor home storage for your rig. Constant exposure to the elements can do a lot of damage like peeling paint, tire cracking and rot.

Your beautiful rig can turn into an eyesore that can cost you a lot of money to restore. Since your motor coach doesn’t fit into your garage, what can you do to protect it from the weather?

There are a few options open to you.

You can purchase a “temporary” garage which is a vinyl structure built on an aluminum frame, some have doors and floors while others are open on at least one end.

You can also purchase weatherproof snap on or tie down covers for all kinds of RV’s from luxurious fifth-wheeler to camper vans and everything in between.

The weatherproof snap on covers come with a bag for storage of the cover. Before you store your bag clean it and make sure it is dry. Otherwise it could develop mold which can render your $300.00 cover useless.

The temporary garages cost quite a bit more than the covers but they do offer a bit more protection.

Another type of RV motor home storage that you may want to consider is a storage company. They will store your motor home on their premises for a monthly fee. If you pay ahead you may get a discount.

Before you leave your recreational vehicle check to see if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Do they have insurance that will reimburse you for theft of or damage to your camper van?

Make sure you get this information in writing. How are payments made? Do you pay in advance or make monthly payments? If it is a monthly plan find out if there is a grace period and what about late fees.

One other thing is find out if your camper van will be stored indoors or in a lot. If they are going to store it in the lot you may as well keep it in your own yard.

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