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Decision to buy an extra warranty for expensive RV motor homes should be seriously considered especially by “so-far” happy owners (nothing lasts forever)..

Purchasing expensive items such as an RV motor home is extremely big investment and very often it can be very difficult to decide whether purchasing a warranty is smart decision.

When buying used or pre-owned RV warranty protection may be essential for maintaining the RV.

Buying a warranty may be economical choice and can save you from spending a great amount of money for repairs, spare parts, and labor.

Why an extra warranty?

There are various types of warranties that can be bought, which will cover chassis and components of your recreational vehicle. Also there are different levels of pricing for buying a warranty depending on the cost and parameters for different types of recreational vehicles.

For example, the price of warranty for diesel pusher is not same as the warranty price for a travel trailer or fifth wheels.

When a potential buyer decide which type of motor home to buy, than a warranty price may be calculated. These calculations are based on type of desired recreational vehicle, its size, type of trailer, length of coverage, whether it is new or used, gas or diesel.

Moreover, each manufacturer of recreational vehicles has warranties for their vehicles, which also differ according to the type of the specific motor home. Most fifth wheels, travel trailers and other campers have a one-year manufacturer's warranty. So if you decide to buy a new motor home you will get the manufacturer's warranty but if you choose not to buy an extended warranty you may be faced with some unexpected and unwanted costs. In such cases, extended warranties can be very beneficial.

Some people think that extended warranties are just another way of taking money from the customers. On the other hand, others think that an extended warranty is essential because it will make your life easier and spare you from spending additional sum of money on some potential repairs that may unexpectedly occur.
Although when you purchase an extended warranty it may happen that you never will be in a situation to use it. Or, for example if you use your motor home for long trips and you find yourself far away from home, your extended warranty may be useless when your recreational vehicle breaks down.

However if you choose to purchase a used recreational vehicle buying an extended warranty may be a wise choice.

So who is who on this market?

Fretz RV Enterprises Inc. offers the warranty for all types of recreational vehicles like travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class A, Class B, Class B+, Class C, diesel pushers and pop-ups.

They also offer RVDA endorsed extended RV warranty program which can be used on all makes and model RVs like Jayco, Winnebago, Roadtrek, Heartland RV, Keystone RV, Phoenix Cruiser, Monaco, Fleetwood RV, Dutchmen, Coachmen.

Buying Fretz warranty has some advantages such as: parts and labor coverage, coverage in the USA and Canada, appliance coverage, service call reimbursement, trip/vacation interruption compensation, food and lodging allowance.

EasyCare is another dealer where you can buy an extended warranty which will help your recreational vehicle on the road and will reduce maintenance and repair costs. Easycare offers the most extensive warranty.

No matter whether you buy new or used motor home EasyCare warranty will  cover your vehicle from the microwave oven to the satellite dish, the engine to the garbage disposal.
Perceiving all the advantages and disadvantages of buying an extended warranty for your recreational vehicle, you may decide what perfectly matches all your needs and budget. Depending on that you may make decision whether you want a warranty or not.

Visitor's story...

You will get an RV motor home warranty when you purchase a new mobile home, you can also purchase an extended warranty. Did you know that you can even buy a warranty on a used recreational vehicle?

One service plan we found covers motor homes up to 16 years old with up to 80,000 miles on the rig. Coverage can be up to one million dollars for new RV’s and $600,000 for used rigs.

You can take your rig to any service center of your choice in the United States or Canada.

Here is a sample range of amounts paid out for 10 common RV problems.

1. auxiliary generator $464.00 to 1728.00

2. chassis electrical $333.00 - 1954.00

3. RV refrigerator $567.00 - 1456.00

4. leveling jacks $520.00 - 1922.00

5. dash air conditioner $630.00 - 3777.00

6. engine $1449.00 - 3347.00

7. brakes 426.00 - 2184.00

8. fuel system 590.00 - 3347.00

9. roof A.C. 518.00 - 3496.00

10. transmission 1885.00 - 3805.00

The company also provides travel benefits while you are on the road if you are a full time Rver (live in your RV) or if you are more than 100 miles from home when your motor coach breaks down on the road.

You can get help with meals, lodging and a rental car for up to 10 days. You will be reimbursed up to 60 dollars a day for the car and 100 dollars a day for meals and lodging. You don’t have to lay out any money for repairs as the bills get sent to the company.

All you need to do is call the company’s toll free number as soon as possible to report the incident.

Along with your refrigerator the other appliances in your fifth wheeler such as the stove, microwave and heater are generally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

It would be wise to keep all of your insurance and RV motor home warantees in your motor coach at all times. It won’t do any good to leave the paperwork at home. Also be sure to carry the phone numbers of insurance and warranty holders on every appliance and on the RV.

Shop around for the insurance and warranty companies that offer the best coverage at the best price.

Ask your RV dealer or the seller if buying from and individual, for their suggestion.

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