RV Motor Home Water Hose

A good quality RV motor home water hose is vital to protect the integrity and purity of your mobile home’s fresh water system.

Once you've bought a recreational vehicle, the next most important thing to do is to outfit your RV with everything you may need for camping.

There are many items that you will need while camping and which will make your camping vacation enjoyable.

Not having some conveniences in your RV will provide you very unpleasant staying at some campground.

Among many other accessories that are important for quality camping, water hoses take very significant place.

Access to drinking water makes your RV adventure more interesting.
A motor home usually has a fresh water tank that is needed for storing fresh water. In order to fill that water tank with drinking water you will need a water hose, which you must connect to an external water source and direct it to a water valve.

RV motor home water hoses may look like any regular garden hose but such garden hoses may give the water a "plastic" taste. Thus, getting a quality RV water hose is highly recommended because RV water hoses don't flake inside and don't cause rubber pieces to contaminate your water supply.

APEX: Aqua-Flex RV drinking water hoses

Today on the market, many types of RV water hoses are available, but it is best option to buy one that is safe to use for drinking water. That means that only white water hoses are safe for a drinking water while green, brown or grey water hoses can be used for flushing tanks.

Generally, there are two types of water hoses for motor homes – round and flat. Round hoses are like typical garden hose and its main disadvantage is that it can take up a lot of storage space, but the main benefit is the price, which is quite reasonable. On the other side, flat water hoses can easily be wound onto a flat hose reel for storage which is their big advantage.

But “nothing is free” – so the disadvantage of the flat hose is that it must be fully unwound and laid out when connected to the water source allow for the free flow of the water.  They are a bit expensive in comparison to round water hoses but taking into account the fact that they take up very little space, flat water hoses are worth all the money paid. 

How long a water hose should be?

Many RV travelers will suggest that you should carry a couple of different lengths of drinking water hose.

This will give you flexibility in choosing the appropriate combination at any location required.

Usually one water hose measuring 25 feet will be enough to provide a recreational vehicle with a steady water supply.

However, it is always better to have two 25 feet long water hoses if the water source is not close to the spot where you have parked your motor home. In this case, you will need both water hoses hooked up to get steady supply of drinking water during your staying in a campground.

RV motor home water hoses come in various diameters, lengths, and psi ratings. It is always better to have a water hose with larger diameter as it will provide you better water flow.

The most famous manufacturers of the RV motor home water hoses are Valterra, Aquaflex, NeverKink, Aquafresh, APEX, and American Specialty.

Taking about drinking water hose? Well, here is the overview of the RV water system and troubleshooting tips!

Visitor's story.....

I cringe when I pull into an RV park and see newbies using an ordinary garden hose.

They can give a bad taste and smell to your potable water and may leak dangerous chemicals into your freshwater supply, that can make you ill.

Cheap quality hoses can collapse and pinch, causing serious restrictions in the flow of water to your mobile home.

Even those sold for potable water service can have cheap fittings, of metal or plastic, that are difficult to use and which may leak.

Look for hoses that are made of industrial strength hoses that are rigged with an extra strong PVC lining, that is designed for potable water supply systems used in marine and recreational vehicles.

If you use your 5th wheeler a lot and stay at several campgrounds or RV parks you will discover that there can be significant differences in distance from your RV to the water hook-ups.

Also the distance between the inlet to your water supply and to the external filter can vary greatly. For this reason I’d suggest you carry various lengths of ½ inch hose or the size required for your motor coach. Store the hoses with other supplies and tools for your particular RV.

Most folks that tow a hauler with their 4 wheeler and other sports equipment, store spare parts in the tool box they keep in the hauler.

We store the extra hoses, tools and spare parts and water treatment crystals in a locked box which we permanently attached to one corner of the over cab storage area in our camper van.

All RV’s need water hoses and this is not an area to pinch pennies. Buy the best you can find.

Fouled water or a leak due to poor quality hoses can wreck vacation plans and cause costly damage to your mobile home and possibly pose a health risk.

So before every RV trip check your RV motor home water hose lines as a part of your pre-departure check.

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