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What you should know about rv motor home wholesalers...

When we talk about motor home wholesalers, we must know that their main task is to help campers find the perfect recreational vehicle and to deliver it to the buyer's address as soon as possible.

RV Wholesalers are considered as the super stores in the RV world offering the buyers an amazing selection of both, new and used travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, sport utility vehicles, expandable RVs and camping trailers. They usually deal with a vast variety of makes and models.

RV motor home wholesalers usually buy directly from the manufacturers usually in large quantities getting large discounts. Apart from selling all types of motor homes, RV wholesalers offer product knowledge, technical and other advice. Some wholesalers offer an in-house RV financing option which buying a motor home much easier. Also they may have a repair shop while some sell RV parts and accessories.

All people who are searching for a very specific type of motor home and are looking for a new one may find what they want at some renowned motor home wholesaler.

Where RV motor home wholesalers may be found?

RV motor home wholesalers are located near almost every big city in the US and Canada. Another great place where you may look for some good recreational vehicle wholesalers is the Internet.
Among numerous RV wholesalers there are a few which highlight thanks to developed sales network throughout the country. They are General RV Center, Giant RV, Tom Raper RV's, Pete's RV Center and others.

General RV Center is one of the leaders in selling recreational vehicles and considered as number one in the RV world. They began business 50 years ago and became the largest volume RV wholesaler in the USA. They are famous for dealing with the nation's leading brands such as Coachmen, Starcraft, Tiffin, Fleetwood, Forest River, Keystone, Jayco , Thor. Because they are at the very top in selling motor home, they have earned many awards.

Giant RV is another large and fastest growing RV wholesalers in the nation nowadays. They have been in RV business for over 26 years dealing with many of the top ranked motor home brands in the RV industry today. They are trying to provide you with a buying experience that will encourage you to come again.

Tom Raper RV's started business on a little rented lot in Richmond, Indiana with only five used cars and two old trucks, Nowadays they have grew into the number one wholesaler in the Midwest. Today they include a 60-acre complex in Richmond and many stores in Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati.

Each location that Tom Raper RV's owns includes a full line of new and pre-owned recreational vehicles from tent campers to diesel pushers from the most famous manufacturers in America. They also deal with parts and accessories and provide service from excellently trained technicians using quality equipment.

Pete's RV Center

has been in an RV business for more than 50 years and every year it continues growing and expending the business. They sell only quality motor homes and provide their customers the best possible service. The team that is employed at Pete's RV Center is constantly trying to accommodate needs of their customers in a highly professional way.

Visitor's story...

Are you thinking of buying a new or used RV? Would you like to save $10,000.00 or more?

Of course you would. But you may wonder how that is possible. Search trade journals and the internet for wholesale RV dealers. Also ask your Rving friends if they know of a reliable RV motor home wholesaler.

Our daughter and son-in-law recently purchased a new mobile home from a wholesaler. They did their homework. When they decided on the make and model they wanted, they visited regular dealers to get an idea of the average price.

This way they would be able to tell if the price being offered by “wholesale dealers” was truly a bargain. They bought 2006 Holiday Rambler for almost $15,000 dollars less than the average price quote they had and 12,000 lower than the lowest quote.

They almost bought a used diesel pusher that came with a lifetime warranty, but fell in love with the new Holiday Rambler Vacationer bus type recreational vehicle. Whether you want a 5th wheeler or a luxury motor coach, most wholesalers can fulfill your wishes at a cost that will surprise you.

If you are looking for a hauler to tote your 4 wheeler and other sports equipment, many RV motor home wholesalers sell them also. All type of RV’s from the most luxurious motor home to van campers and pop ups can be bought wholesale. You may have to do some searching but the savings will be well worth a few hours on the internet.

A friend of mine and his wife bought a used motor coach from a wholesale dealer in Texas just 200 miles from their home. Mike and Sally have a few tips for you on buying an RV from a wholesaler. First they suggest you check with the Better Business Bureau in the area the dealer is located.

They did that and found that one company they had considered had several complaints about poor service. The wholesaler the went with was a member of the BBB and had never had a complaint filed against them.

Check out whether or not the RV comes with a full warranty if new. The money you "save" from a wholesaler who doesn’t offer a warranty could disappear if you face a major repair.

As you can see buying from an RV motor home wholesaler can give you a big headache or save you big money.

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