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With most automobiles, what you see is exactly what you get.

It's true that you could add a spoiler or some new hubcaps to include a little character, but unless you've got lots of cash to speculate, your auto will likely blend in with every other automobile on the street.

The Dodge Sprinter Van may be worth a look if you’re in need of something that can be transformed to a camper van and stands out among the pack, but can also be customized for much less money compared to the typical vehicle.

Advantage #1: The Dodge Sprinter is available in three different versions - chassis cab, cargo van, and the passenger van. This is perfect for the camper enthusiast looking to customize a sprinter camper van while eliminating the need to purchase things you may not need.

Advantage #2: Sprinter Van Campers have accessible alternatives and upgrades that incorporate a choice of wheelbase (short is 144 inches and long is 170 inches), normal and high roof height (56 inches or 76.4), and diesel or gas engine.

Advantage #3: individuals who may find themselves on the back roads of the outdoor with items to haul or in mountainous terrain have alternatives in diesel models that come with a twelve seat arrangement, but gas engines can have as much as nine, seven, or ten seats. Therefore, if you need to haul around a tiny soccer team, or your two children only have as much energy as a soccer team that is small, the Sprinter van camper has you covered.

Advantage #4: The Sprinter isn't only about factory alternatives. Many people have found that this roomy, but gasoline-friendly vehicle is ripe for allowing your creativity to run free and creating new company. Sprinters van campers have been converted into parties on the ultimately luxurious campers, miniature hotel rooms, and wheels.

Advantage #5: Sprinter van campers can work brilliantly for traditional camper vacations and trips for traveling musicians, acts etc... Most sprinter vans get great gas mileage and therefore have become more affordable than traditional RVs while still keeping with the luxury features normally seen in a RV.

Advantage #6: The Sprinter Camper Van allows many adventuresome families to be more comfortable, spontaneous, and more gasoline-economical than using expensive motor homes or hauling campers that are conventional.

Advantage #7: Installing even bathrooms, televisions, and kitchens is easily achievable and feels just like dwelling on the road. With easy access to the rear considerable storage room, and seats with quick-release latches for storage changes and fast setup - you're ready to get a ride across country.

The Sprinter van campers are obviously a smooth drive even though it might appear to be a behemoth in the outside. Flexible tilt steering wheel allows getting a comfy position and the Sprinter van camper is really capable of surprisingly tight turns for this type of big vehicle. With brand new, innovative passenger protection attributes, you will get a smooth together with a drive that is secure. Their versatility and varied customization abilities make the sprinter van camper an obvious good choice.

Long wheelbase Dodge Sprinter Van

The Mercedes Sprinter chassis is one of the best platforms on which to build a motor home.

The Mercedes Sprinter vehicle comes with a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine which is rated at 188 brake horsepower.

It can deliver a peak power of 325 ft-lbs which is ideal for campers.

When compared with other vans powered from gasoline, the Sprinter delivers more usable power and provides better fuel efficiency.

It is also easier now to refuel anywhere in North America as ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel has become quite popular and is widely available.

For a number of years, propane has been used as the main fuel for camping equipment. The main reason for the use of propane had been its low cost and easy availability.

The variety of RV appliances that worked on propane were also huge, which made propane an ideal choice for most campers. But of late, the cost of propane has been going up. There are also some inherent drawbacks with using propane on the Sprinter RV. For instance, you would need a separate propane tank underneath the Sprinter, which would increase the weight of the vehicle and also reduce the ground clearance under the vehicle. And of course, depending on two fuels - one for the vehicle and the other for the camping appliances can be cumbersome.

The best solution would be to do without propane. While this could not be done earlier, there are now a number of alternatives to using propane powered camping equipment. There are 12-volt diesel-powered cooking appliances, which use the same fuel that powers the Sprinter. This type of cooktops are developed by Webasto and come with altitude settings. They also have 12V diesel-powered air heaters which run more silently and are more compact than their propane-powered counterparts.

There are refrigeration units too that run on 12V DC power. For more information, visit: 

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