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About Truck Camper Shell Prices

A truck camper shell is a small housing used as a truck accessory usually made of fiberglass or aluminum.

Apart from these materials, it is sometimes made of wood. It is placed on top of the pick-up trucks and it is used for camping purposes.

Truck campers shell are usually large enough to fit the needs of all camping purposes. Beside camping purposes, camper shells are also used as utility or storage purposes.

What affects the price of the truck camper shell?

There are many various truck camper shells made of different materials and according to the materials they are built of, they vary in prices. Their prices range not only depending on the materials they are constructed of but also depend on the size, equipment, and quality of construction.

For example, truck camper shells made of aluminum are not only lightweight but inexpensive too. So they are ideal for the people with lower budget. On the other hand, shells built of fiberglass are more durable and sturdy than aluminum. But they are usually a lot more expensive.

Camper shells have to be made to perfectly fit the truck. They also vary in style and the color, which also affect their price.

There are many different manufacturers and producers of the camper shells where you can find many types of camper shell according to the type of the truck you own still taking care of the price that will suit your budget.

Price range of camper shells

Many shops now offer camper shells in a very affordable and low price. The prices range from less than $1000 for basic covering to several thousand dollars for a shell with sleeping area, cooking and bathroom areas.

Another tip is very important when buying a camper shell and looking for as lower price as possible. If you are low budget buyer, you should consider buying used camper shells as they may be less expensive. Internet is a great place where you may find a number of resources where used camper shells may be purchased at very reasonable prices and in good condition.

Some people decide to build their own camper shells out of wood, which is an affordable way to get the same effect but may take some time.

All in all buying truck camper shells are far less cheaper than buying an RV vehicle. In order to buy the ideal shell that will perfectly match your truck camper maybe it is best for you to contact the dealer where you bought your vehicle.

Visitor's story

If you buy a 1983 or a 1984 camper shell you will see a difference in the truck camper shell prices.

The older the camper shells the lower the price.

The camper shell prices range from $600 to $1400 for a new camper shell.

The used camper shells range in price from $100 to $1300 depending on the year and how much use it received.

You are better off looking at both options when buying a camper truck shell.

Looking online at dealers or for sale advertisements in Louisiana and Kentucky may find lower prices because of the economical status of these states.

If you look at a state, which has a high cost of living, the cost for the used camper shell and the new shell may be a little higher than a state with a lower cost of living. If you order online, the price should be quite a bit cheaper anywhere.

Most camper shell dealers and manufactures require you to pick the shell up because they do not ship this type of item. If you live nearby a dealer that sells online, you can receive a good price, but you have to drive to get the camper shell.

If you are interested in a high-rise camper shell or the standard camper shell, you can find a price that is affordable to you and your budget.

Truck camper shell prices have a good range for used and new shells, so finding one that fits your truck and matches your color should not be that hard to do. The camper shells are made of durable fiberglass or aluminum and lasts for years making the low prices even more affordable.

Choose the right camper shell and find a good price while saving money with special discounts and closeout sales.

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