Truck Camper Tops

The truck camper toppers are durable and stand up to weather conditions and allow you to add a bike rack to the top if you need more room.

Many people truck camper tops call caps or toppers, but regardless the name their main purpose is to cover the pick-up bed entirely thus creating a large space which can be used for camping and storage purpose.

Another purpose of truck camper tops is to keep your things inside absolutely safe and secure and to provide protection against damaging weather conditions like rain, snow, sun and wind.

Also truck camper tops beautify your camper.

Truck camper tops are usually made of aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum truck camper tops are lightweight and inexpensive while on the other side, fiberglass tops are more durable and sturdy but very often they are much more expensive. Since aluminum tops are lightweight they provide better gas mileage.

On the contrary, fiberglass tops provide greater storage options. Also soft materials like canvas are usually used for making truck camper tops. Such tops are called soft truck camper tops.
Truck camper tops don't require lot of maintenance. All you have to do is to wash it in order to keep it clean every time you wash your truck camper.

Truck camper tops are produced in a variety of sizes depending on the owners need. There are many famous manufacturers of truck camper tops such as: ARE, SnugTop, FlipPac Shell, Leer, Sportsman Tops, Vista AlpineShell, Gemtop, VistaFiber Tops.

ARE company was founded in 1969 and originally manufactured aluminum tops and storage buildings. Later in 1982 they produced their first fiberglass truck camper top. Today they are the first and still the only US truck camper tops manufacturer to achieve ISO Certification.

An example of Chevy Silverado with SnugTop's truck top - Graceful, contoured modern design

(courtesy of SnugTop

SnugTop is another famous manufacturer of truck camper tops who began business in 1959 when they built hardtops for European sports cars. Couple of years later they started producing toppers for the original Datsun mini truck. SnugTops is a company famous for producing quality truck camper tops for a wide variety of vehicles.

And with over 50 year history, Snug Tops is the oldest and the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

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Motorcycle and bike towing is easy when you have a truck camper. The truck camper stabilizer allows a perfect way to travel without worry. Truck bed camper covers provide protection from the elements when you are not using the camper.

Truck camper tops are constructed in the same manner as tent pop up, but raise straight up and most do not have sides that fold out. With a tent pop up travel trailer, four wheel camper or a fifth wheel camper (5th wheel camper) the time is a little longer before you can actually hit the road. With a truck shell, you are ready to go anytime.

A van is one way to travel also, but most people also tow a tent pop up with them for comforts and accessories available with the campers. Truck camper tops are sturdy, there is one model of truck camper that is so sturdy, and you can travel with an ATV on top and raise the top with the extra weight without damaging the mechanisms.

The accessories available make the truck campers just as nice as a tent pop up camper. You always want to have a way of traveling that meets all your needs.

Traveling through Utah and Vermont, depending on the year, people love the beautiful sightseeing and colors that the areas have to offer. Imagine being Utah camping down below a snow-covered mountain. This is a view that is breathtaking for anyone. You are comfortable and warm, but the mountains are cold and white.

With truck camper tops, sturdy as they have been constructed, the entire truck camper shell proves to be an excellent traveling and camping unit. Everyone likes different travel experiences and this is just one way to travel the country, in a truck camper made for taking along everything you might want

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