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Why truck tent camper may be a great solution for your needs? See who are best manufacturers....

Truck tent campers are gaining in popularity among the camping enthusiasts because they  can save campers from having to prepare a tent site.

While with a normal tent you will have to find the perfect place which means level, dry surface large enough to set up the tent, with truck tent camper you can camp anywhere you can park your truck camper.

Another advantage of truck tent campers over tents is that it doesn't require too much time and energy for setting up.

Since truck tent campers allow you to camp off the ground they will allow you to stay dry and pest free. Truck tent camper assembles right in the back of your open-bed pick up truck thus creating a comfortable sleeping area usually for two  people with over 5,6 feet of headroom.

Truck tent campers are usually equipped with amenities that are enough for comfortable camping so inside the truck tent camper you can usually find a small table with the extension attachment, also there is sleeping area which in some models may have the dividing option which gives you additional space when camping with kids. The most popular models are Quick Silver, Flip Pac  Camper, Duracozy, Backroadz.

Backroadz truck tent campers

can sleep up to two people, have very large interior with up to 5.5" of headroom, also have full rain fly to protect from the rains and covers window for privacy. They are very easy to set up with shock corded fiberglass poles. They are ideal for family camping, hunting, fishing, off-road adventures and emergency shelter.

Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent is specifically designed for an arsenal of adventure ready vehicles; the Chevrolet Avalanche and the Cadillac Escalade EXT. Get your outdoors on with this highly versatile, easy to use, and feature packed tent that fits like a glove to these already impressive vehicles.

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Quick Silver model is very affordable truck tent camper, which offer sleeping area for four. It also includes dinette that can be converted into a bed, have storage cabinet and TV stands. One of the greatest features that Quick Silver may boast with is when it is folded down you can still use the rear-view mirror in your truck while driving. Quick Silver truck tent camper comes in two sizes. One is for full size trucks such as F150, Silverado, Sierra, Tundra, Titan and one is for smaller trucks like Ranger, Colorado, Canyon, Dakota, Tacoma, Frontier.

Duracozy is an expandable camper which is perfect not only for camping but for hunting, fishing, boating and sightseeing as well. This model of truck tent camper allows you to go off road where other recreational vehicles can't go and offers you some comforts of home. It is very simple and convenient for use.

It only takes four minutes to fully expands thanks to factory installed push button power lift. It can sleep two adult persons comfortably, includes full kitchenette with a propane stove, sink with storage drawers. They are very durable because they are made of only high quality materials and doesn't require lot of maintenance.

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A truck tent, as the name suggest is a tent that sits on the rear pickup area of the truck. There are a few tips that can help you use the Truck tent camper efficiently.

If there are mosquitoes in the camping area, you might find it a little difficult to go in and out of your tent without allowing a few of them into the tent. To avoid this, you need to pitch your tent such that the entrance faces the wind. Mosquitoes will always swarm on the other side where the wind is less!

When you fold the Truck tent camper after use, also ensure that there is a way for the air inside to escape. This will help you to easily collapse the tent without having air trapped inside. When you roll the tent after collapsing, roll it towards an open door or window to allow the escape of air.

When you fold your tent, try to fold it along the original fold lines. Maintaining the same fold lines will keep them visible even after a long period of use. Before you fold and roll your tent, sweep the interiors thoroughly so that tiny rocks, dirt, twigs or leaves are swept out of the tent.

Unlike regular pop up campers, the space inside truck tents is quite minimal. It is therefore light and compact and easy to use. The popup tent can be quickly pitched and taken down within a matter of minutes. But of course, all the facilities in regular pop up campers would not be available in a popup truck tent. Nevertheless, the truck tent has its own separate use which is indispensable in certain situations. Its compactness and lightweight are probably the biggest advantages. For more information, please visit

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