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Overview of marketplaces for motorcycle camping trailers: CycleTrader, Oodle Marketplace, GogoCycles and eBay…

Motorcycle camping trailers are the perfect compromise for campers who want the camping experience and the freedom of a motorcycle travel combined together.

They are versatile in that they can be used as both sleeping campers and storage trailers without needing anything extra.

Motorcycle campers are also popular for their lightweight features since they can easily be towed by motorcycles and small cars.

Finding brand new models on sale is quite easy with prices ranging from around $500 to nearly $10,000. It is the resale market that is less populated with just a few independent marketplaces dominating the niche followed by eBay and Craigslist.

There are other marketplaces where you can buy used motorcycle campers however there are not as many choices as one could get if they were trying to resell a car trailer


CycleTrader.com is one of the biggest marketplaces for used and new motorcycle camping trailers. Their motorcycle camping trailer inventory is just under 100 but it is increased by hundreds more parts and gears for motorcycle trailers. There are also hundreds of trailers that are sold as multi-use which make for great camping trailers.

It is the best resource for one stop shopping if you are looking for motorcycle camping trailers and related supplies. The prices are also reasonable probably because of increased competition. Buyers could score on 2015 camping trailers that cost under a $1000 or they could go all out on custom made editions that are designed with all the comforts of home.

Oodle Marketplace

Oodle is one of the top classifieds marketplaces for merchandise, vehicles and real estate. They have an entire section for used motorcycling products; motorcycles.oodle.com. The Oodle motorcycle marketplace is very comprehensive but it is structured like a classified website which means that people are redirected to another site for the actual product sale.

The best thing about using Oodle to buy you motorcycle camping trailers is the wide variety of options available. However for nearly the same reason, Oodle can be very frustrating in that potential buyers are forced to wade through so many options some of which are irrelevant or posted in the wrong sections. It is certainly better than unregulated classifieds sites like Craigslist however finding just camping trailers can be frustrating.


Gogo Cycles is set up like a classified listing for all things that are motorcycle related and they have a respectable section for motorcycle camping trailers. Listings are done for free however once posted there is no way to sort them by price or be able to quickly check them without opening each one.

Users are redirected to the seller’s website to conclude the sale or view more product details. Unlike with classified sites like Craigslist, Gogo Cycles allows users to update comments to each listing, ask questions about it and rate their experiences.


Like with all other things, eBay is a great resource for finding motorcycle camping trailer however even it has its limitations. Although certainly more than what you can find on other websites, eBay usually lists less than 25 results for motorcycle camping trailers. What you do get from eBay however is the variety of makes and models, sizes and functionality. Since you are buying directly from sellers, there is also room to save since you are not getting prices that include dealership mark ups. The prices on eBay range from $1000 to nearly $8000

You can also find used motorcycle camping trailers from dealerships that specialize in camping trailers for cars and RVs. Although they are primarily focused on RVs and such, some do have camping trailers that are specific to motorcycle trailers.

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