Used Pickup Campers

Why Used Pickup Campers? Why not!

Pickup campers are also called slide on campers and they can be used with trucks.

Pickup campers are notably different than other campers such as pop ups or travel trailers, because they cannot be towed.

They slide on a truck and they can be easy removed as well if not needed.

They either simply slide on the truck or they are fixed in some way to the chassis of the truck.

A pickup camper makes a truck more versatile and more convenient for camping. They are popular especially among people who need their pickups but they like camping for the weekend or going occasionally on shorter trips.

Pickup campers have a lot of amenities, including a comfortable bed and often more, like refrigerators, showers, cookers etc.

Tips for buying used pickup campers

While pickup campers are cheaper than most other RVs are, they can be still quite pricy, especially if they come with lots of facilities. The good news is that there are plenty of second hand pickup truck campers that are in great shape and ready to use.

If you have decided to buy a second hand pickup camper, there are certain places that will help you with shopping. There are many magazines that contain information about RVs, but if you want something which is free of charge, visit the website of The Truck Camper Magazine, and online magazine that contains all kinds of information regarding pickup truck campers. They offer a free buyers guide and reviews about pickup truck campers that can help you choose the right model.

Used pickup truck campers can be purchased at Camping World and RV Central Inc. On both websites you can see models of all kinds of pickup trucks and a detailed description as well. These two online sources are quite reliable. Private sellers that offer good bargains on pickup truck campers can be found through eBay and Yakaz.

A useful tip before buying pickup truck campers is taking the measurements and the model of the truck that you own and that of the camper that you plan to buy. There are certain models that only fit on certain types of trucks, so before you buy anything make sure that they will fit on your pickup truck.

Truck Camper Magazine presents: 2012 Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally

Visitor's Story

Are you thinking about used pickup campers for the New Year? Well now is the perfect time to start out on your journey to find the perfect truck camper.

Some with slide in campers may for a roomier little camping unit. Join millions of people from all over and you can enjoy the life on the road just as we do everyday.

The pick up tiedowns prevent any movement from the truck camper shell, and secures your peace of mind.The truck campers are nice for towing another trailer as well.

At a 1987 recreational show, I have seen some nice truck campers with spacious interior designs. Every year they have shows in Idaho and Indiana, which I also try to get to for some ideas about campers. The only year I can think of that I miss down in that area was in 1988, the snow was just too much for me to handle.

If you ever run across some nice campers, I am always interested in checking out different makes and models. The 1997 Jayco truck camper and the 1999 Coleman popup campers have some nice features and options added to them. I have always been a fan of the pop up camper and find the campgrounds and the states parks have many people traveling this way.

Now, remember the used pickup campers. My wife said there is a person we know that has one my son is interested in buying, I will definitely have to check that one myself.

However, for right now, everyone have a safe and happy camping season down south were the weather still permits some great outdoor activities.

Try the warmer parts during the winter and the other parts during the summer and fall for some adventures from all over the country.

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