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Vintage camper trailers are for people who are fascinated with their old, stylish look that gives the feel of the past and brings nostalgia....

There are people who are simply in love with old camper trailers and are fascinated with their old, stylish look.

These old trailers that give the feel of the past are called vintage camper trailers.

They are commonly meant for people who enjoy nostalgia and who don't call for luxurious amenities inside the campers.

Vintage camper trailers can easily be towed by smaller cars because they were built to be very aerodynamic and also designed with a weight distribution that made them much easier and more functional when it came to being towed.

With their vintage appearance they will never go out of style although most of them are lack of some modern conveniences such as bathroom. At the beginning of the production of vintage camper trailers they didn't have almost any amenities as today's campers have. Later some camper trailers enjoyed some modern conveniences as refrigerators while some include complete kitchen. It is very important to know that vintage camper trailers are considered camper trailers that are 25 years old or more. When these trailers were built, manufacturers used real wood instead of aluminum or fiberglass. And on the quality scale they were very high.

Those infected with the "virus" of the "Old Times" are invited for the wonderful trip to the past:

Vintage Camper Trailer slideshow :-)

If you are thinking about purchasing one, you will noticed that their value increase unlike the newer versions of campers. However when it comes to repair it, it must be said that they are remarkably inexpensive to maintain. And when being towed by a classic car or truck vintage camper trailer looks fascinating.

While some people decide to buy vintage camper trailer because they are amazed with their look, others buy them desiring to restore such camper. Successful restoration of vintage camper trailer requires lot of experience and skill, so professional advice, and service will be very useful.

The following brands are the most famous vintage camper trailers on the market today: Airstream, Alma, Avion, Cayo, Silver Streak, Yellowstone.

Visitor's story.....

I can tell you right from the start a vintage camper trailer was not made in the year 2005 or 2006, they may appear to look older, but are brand new.

The true vintage camper was made years ago and has been preserved and sold as a great camping unit.

Some of these campers date back to 1936 and are in great shape for the year.

If you get a chance to look at an older camper, check the interior design, it has just as much style as the newer campers.

Just because the camper is older does not make it out dated.

These campers have the room to add the accessories you need for a good camping experience.

I do not know if Alaska or Colorado has a vintage farm for the older campers, but Indiana has a huge campground and has so many different years, they encourage people to view every one before making a decision on which camper is right for you.

The pop up trailer became popular later on after the older tow campers caught on during the early years. The older campers resemble a horse trailer and look like they are heavy.

The outside is a standard silver color in the earlier years and they have an inside that when fixed up to meet your needs and desires for a camper, offers some nice accommodations.

The vintage camper trailer is made of quality materials and actually increases in value when you fix them up and add some final additions to the exterior and interior.

The classic campers look sporty when towed behind a classic truck or car. If you have ever been to a classic car show, you may have seen some these campers hitched to an older car, which is more for show rather than camping, although they do use them to stay in at night during the run of the car show.

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