Winter Camping Sites Texas

Obviously Texas does not have Alaskan winters, staying on winter camping you will find here escape from freezing temperatures with chance to play snow-balls..... :-)

Texas is the largest state of United States if Alaska is not considered, and it is the second most populous state of the nation. Texas shares international border with Mexico.

Texas boasts of many species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and the greatest diversity of bird life in the United States.

The state enjoys highly variable weather, with the Panhandle of the state having colder winters than North Texas.

In the North Texas region snow falls rarely, may be once or twice a year, while central and eastern Texas are no strangers to snowfall. So basically even those escaping “northern winters” may find here a bit of joy playing snow-balls….

Winter Camping Sites: 

Big Bend National Park: Camp ground is on level with Rio Grande River. The camping sites are shielded by great vegetation. The joy of winter desert hiking offered by the place is memorable. The campgrounds also offer remarkable opportunity of bird watching with 450 confirmed species.

How often you can see such beautiful landscapes and colors ( winter makes it easier :--)

Davis Mountains:  Great scenic drives, two scenic overlooks and long hiking trails are the attractions of this winter camping area. Mountain biking and star gazing ensure that the campers experience is memorable.

Davis Mountains state park - and river running through it.....

Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park: This popular winter camping site draws campers who are birders or “Winter Texans”, meaning people who have escaped their colder climes to enjoy the subtropical winter conditions of the valley. The large bushy woodlands near the camp grounds provide shelter to many endangered mammals. A particular wildlife to look for is look for green jays.  

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