Winter Car Camping

Winter car camping is the simplest and easiest way to “meet” snowy nature without exhausting backpacking experience….

What is Winter Car Camping?

1.    When campers do not have to lug their gear on their backpacks, but they reach their campground by car instead - in the winter it is known as winter car camping. It is a convenient alternative for those campers who do not have the strength or endurance for or do not want to take the trouble of backpacking into the backcountry.

2.    The camping ground for car campers may not be the pure wilderness but they may still found similar rewarding experience in sites like wonderful beach campground; the national parks with campgrounds located near natural and scenic attractions and the state parks with their variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

3.    Planning for winter car camping is not necessarily elaborate and the one doesn’t need a lot of expensive gear. You set up your camp right next to your car. It gives you the luxury of bringing a car load of gear, which is not the case in backpacking.

4.    The campers need provisions which are not as special as in case of snowshoeing or alpine adventure. In car camping you may bring a cooler full of food and lot of extra clothes. Winter car camping is a staple outdoor activity and the easiest way to head out on an overnight trip.

What You Must Bring: may also try to sleep in your car (this will be the Real Car Camping!)

  1. Your tent should be a tough four season’s tent, that is designed to withstand the most severe conditions of high winds, heavy snowfall and cold temperature. These tents are not only strong, some of them have storm windows and some even have a condescension sponge to collect moisture. The flipside is these tens are heavy and not very well ventilated.
  2. Sleeping bag for winter camp should be rated below 0 degree. Bags with lower temperature ratings are heavier and bulkier. Winter sleeping bags are also expensive. 
  3. In snowy winter weather an insulated jacket filled with down or synthetic fill comes handy. 
  4. Winter gloves, winter hats and mitten can save you from a lot of worries if the weather suddenly turns sour.

Food For Winter Car Camp

  1. Breakfast: A hot breakfast is a perfect foil for cold weather. It also charges you up early in the day. Hot beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate should form a part of your breakfast. Instant oatmeal with an added protein such as chopped nuts or peanut butter stirred in makes a good breakfast. For car camping, meals such as pancakes and bacon give you the calories and fat to get going.
  2. Lunch: Meat or cheese sandwiches or wraps, bagels or tortillas, jerky or cheese sticks provide good options for lunch.
  3. Snacks: Chocolates stay hard in winter. Good old raisins and peanuts mixed with chocolate candy--makes a portable snack. Nuts are always handy for snacking in winter camps.
  4. Dinner: Dinner should be hot and a good balance of carbs, protein and fats to help you stay warm through the cold night. Foods like grill burger or steaks may be smoked over a campfire. Mix boiled pasta or rice with cheese and packets of salmon, tuna or chicken for a filling meal.
  5. Some light food for late night snack completes your food requirement in a winter car camp.

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