Winter Storing a Pop-up Camper

Once season is over it is important to winterize popup camper, see how to make sure it will stay in good shape serving you for long years....

If you like it out in the wild or on top of mountains, doing or planning a bit of an adventure then perhaps you already have a Pop-up Camper on your buying list.

Or maybe you have just returned from an adventurous trip and therefore have no use of your Camper.

Wondering on ways you should take care while storing it?

Well let me tell you, winter can be really a hard deal on your Pop-up Camper. There are many ways the agents of the upcoming winter might cause damage to your Camper.

You must hover through the following list with an unwavering attention as the longevity of your camper depends upon these bullets that follow.

  1. Drainage of Residual Water: Any residual water, even a drop in the pipes and tank storages of your Pop-up Camper can freeze over the winter and cause cracks in the pipe or other significant damages to the performance of the pipes. The Camper obviously wouldn’t be equipped with high performance pipes which will expand or contract at free will. So freezing can pose a real problem if not taken care of.
  2. Drainage of Portable Toilets: If you are equipped with a portable toilet in your Pop-up Camper, you must see to it that all the water is seeped out. Any remaining water or slush, again winter’s freezing abilities can hamper the system.
  3. Removal of Food Items and Packages: If the titbits of food items and their packages and covers are allowed to remain in there, your Camper can be the next partying destination for rodents and worms. Any remaining food bits and empty drink cans can also facilitate the growth of fungus or mold. The rust resulting from the empty drink cans can in a way tarnish the canvas and thus hamper its performance.
  4. Proper Cleaning: Cleaning up your Pop-up Camper can take it a long way otherwise which dust and dirt can allure in their favorite guests worms, mold and of course the rodents. These vermin would attack on the canvas and wear it out. You would definitely not agree for such a vermin infestation.
  5. Sealing of Vents and Openings: The best way to prevent vermin infestations and cold freezing of anything inside the Camper is to properly seal any openings or underside vents.
  6. Battery Check: The battery of the Pop-up Camper should be sincerely removed while storing it off season. The battery should be charged and discharged at frequent intervals so as to maintain its performance.
  7. Wheel Maintenance: The wheels should be braced up into its caves before storing on the ground. The wheels bearings should also be repackaged prior to storage of the Camper. Upon winter snow or dirt might end up inside the wheel sockets and cause an overload or jam in there. Wheel performance can get severely challenged if not taken care of.

Preparing water pipes for winter by using antifreeze liquid...

Now since you know the general problems that can affect the longevity and performance of your Pop-up Campers, there must be certain remedies as well for the prevention of such problems. In the following lines down here, we provide you with some much needed insights or instructions to steer clear of these abominations and increase the longevity and performance of your Camping apparatus. These general instructions must be followed before winter storing your Pop-up Camper.

  1. First things first, a thorough cleaning of the Camper after usage is required to remove any dirt or dust. Clean it with a specific canvas cleaner.
  2. Watch out for holes or leakages in the canvas. Repair these holes and leakages immediately as you notice them. You must remember, A Stich in Time saves nine.
  3. Remember any residual water can be really harmful. Drain off every single drop of water from each and every nook and corner of the Pop-up Camper. Check the portable toilet pipes and water holdings for drainage of each individual drop. You may use antifreezes to flush out all the pipes.
  4. Air-dry the Camper completely and thoroughly to prevent the settlement of moisture in and around the canvas of the Camper;
  5. The refrigerator should be cleaned and air-dried as well. The door of the refrigerator should be left open to prevent formations of mildew.
  6. Seal the openings of the underside vents and pipe openings with ‘shrink wrap’ so that pests don’t end up partying at these niches. Remember to drain every single drop of water before going for sealing.
  7. Turning off the main switch of the Pop-up Camper can be a wise decision. Leaving open some baking soda inside can help prevent odors.
  8. Any cushions, mattresses or blankets. Well take them out. These are the favorite destinations of household pests. Unless you want a wild vermin infestation inside your Camper, remove anything that falls in the above mentioned categories.
  9. Provide suitable covering on all sides so as to prevent the agents of winter and nature get access inside your Pop-up Camper.
  10. Store your Camper, elevated by help of blocks or platforms so that the tires don’t develop flatness.
  11. If storing outside, pulling the tongue-end of the Pop-up Camper low, can be considered as wise since it will cause any snow or rain to slide down the top,
  12. A final and major tip. Since the water droplets are considered the most dangerous challenges for the survival of your Camper, Air-Blowing through a pump into the pipes, storage tanks and toilet faucets can be good way of water removal.

Winterizing water pipes with the help of compressed air....

Well you are now definitely ready to stow away your Popup Camper and help it improve on its longevity by keeping in mind the above mentioned tips and norms. Follow the instructions up there to successfully prevent any winter damage to it. We would be happy if your camper accompanies in you many more times on your adventures in the future. Now since you are ready for the storage winter shouldn’t be a worry. A cup of hot coffee or some fun between the blankets. Happy winter.

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