5th Wheel Campers

The 5th wheel campers allow you to disconnect from the truck and use your truck for everyday use.

The length of the campers range from twenty-five feet to thirty-one feet and come with many different accessories.

The camper comes with stabilizer bars and electric jacks. If you need a great camper, the 5th wheel fits all your needs.

I have seen a 2000 Mallard for around $17,000 with a length of thirty-one feet in New Mexico.

The oak cabinets and extra storage area makes for a nice little camper. A 2004 Wildcat with a length of twenty-nine feet for $27,000 in New York. The slide outs, the rear picture window, and the beautiful furniture make this camper a nice buy for anyone.

Most 5th wheelers are accessorized to make traveling and camping enjoyable. People use theses campers to travel and live in these campers all year long. As long as the axles on the trailer and the trailer condition looks good these campers can last for a long time. The many makes and models of 5th wheel campers offer you some choices in design and floor plans.

The spacious quarters allow for recliners, sofas and dinette areas and still have plenty of room for walking. They normally come with gas or electric refrigerators and stoves. If the price is right, you can find a good deal on 5th wheel campers. Even if you can find one that does not have the accessories you need, you can pick them up at a dealer or at an online store.

The weight of the 5th wheel is about 7700 pounds to 8300 pounds depending on your accessories and size of your water tank and holding tank. This is a good thing to know when you buy one, and your truck is a little older. The weight your truck holds depends on the weight you can tow.

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