Camper Air Beds

Good quality camper air beds provide the comfort of home....

Although camping means spending some time in nature, everyone wishes to have some comfort and good night's sleep.

However, just because you are on the road doesn't mean that you can't have comfort and security of a home.

A good airbed will provide you that.

Camping airbeds are becoming more and more popular among campers not only because they are less costly but because they are very comfortable and reliable.

Having an airbed in your camper can help you to sleep after a long day hiking and will set you up for the next day. That's why they became an essential camping item specially because they are very light.

Advantages of camper airbeds

Airbeds are made of various materials such as plastic or rubber. There are also different shaped air beds as well as different sized air beds like a king air bed, queen sized, double sized, full sized and single. How large airbed you are going to buy will depend on your needs and preferences. Also, they defer in level of firmness and durability.

They can be inflated manually which is rather physically draining, or you can buy an electric or battery operated air pumps, which are very convenient for use. Self-inflating airbeds are also available on the market, which gives you more comfort as you don't have to hassle about inflating your bed. Another convenience airbeds provide is they can be easily folded or rolled.

There are plenty of different brands of camper airbeds on the market nowadays. Here are some of the most popular:

-          Intex Queen Bed is inflatable queen bed with built-in electric pump. It has waterproof flocked top with vinyl beams and sturdy construction. Built-in pump is very fast. It can inflate the bed in approximately three minutes. If you feel that the airbed is too soft or too firm you can customize it with the touch of a button. It also has built-in pillows which add some more comfort.

-      Coleman 4-N-1 Quick Bed is a convertible bed which can be configured into a double-high twin bed, two separate twins or zipped together making a king-sized bed. It is very reliable and dependable airbed ideal for camping. Its surface is very soft and plushy thus providing luxurious comfort. This type of airbed requires external air pump.

-          Wenzel Insta-Bed is luxurious queen sized bed with integrated 120V electric air pump which inflates the bed in just 90 seconds. It is very practical for use because the underside grips the floor thus preventing the sliding. It has flocked top which keeps bedding in place and flex coil construction for sleeping in stable and firm position.

-          Serta Twin Bed is maybe one of the most comfortable airbeds for sleeping. It has integrated air pump, which is able to maintain the air pressure through night. Also you can choose different levels of comfort-plush, medium or firm according to preferred personal mattress comfort level. The pump is very silent while circular coils create a comfortable sleeping surface.

-          Insta Queen Bed is manufactured to provide the feeling like a real mattress, making it comfortable for sleeping in your camper night after night. It has silent, integrated air pump, which keeps the air pressure at the same level during night. It has adjustable comfort levels while vertical and horizontal reinforcements allow bed to maintain the desired shape.

Visitor's story

If you have ever wanted to find a comfortable mattress for your camper, you need to try the air beds.

The beds were used to replace waterbed mattresses and have come around to the most comfortable way to sleep in a camper.

The dreamy feeling you get from an air bed allows for a peaceful nights sleep.

The campers sometimes come with air beds, but for the most part, they only include these air beds when you upgrade the mattress.

Whether you buy an older model or a 2001 or 2002 pop up trailer or another type of camper, you will find the air beds great to sleep on while camping.

The best part is they are too comfortable you can just sit and relax with your feet up when you need a break.

Many different companies offer the air beds that fit inside a bed frame inside the camper, it you have a camper such as a motor home these mattresses come in single, double, queen and king size.

If you have a waterbed in your camper, you can replace the mattress with a super single, queen and a California king.

For a motor home these mattresses make a nice peaceful sleep if you are rolling down the road, the air bed allows you to sleep without feeling the bumps.

Camper air beds allow you to treat yourself and your family to a peaceful sleep. The air bed in most brands and sizes comes adjustable for quality sleeping by adding or decreasing the firmness of the mattress.

If you travel through Alabama and the roads have a few bumps and rough spots you can change the level of comfort so you can sleep in peace.

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