How to Install Shower in Camper

Do You Know How to Install Shower in Camper?.

While nowadays most campers come with a shower, the older models are usually missing this comfort. There are many campers out there which are great, some of them with a cool vintage design, but they would be much better if they had a shower where you can clean up after a long day of traveling.

Installing a shower in your camper is not so difficult, but you will need some carpentry skills, some money and also some time.

While there are a few people that argue whether it is worth to install a shower or not in the camper, often it is the only choice. If you have a camper that came without a shower, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up this comfort. Installing a shower in you camper trailer consists of a few steps. You have to make the plumbing system, install the shower pan, and then the cabinet and the shower head.

To make the process easier you should purchase a Cassette toilet and shower combo. This comes with everything you need, it is simpler and it is also convenient. If you are handy you can also assemble your own shower the way you want it, purchasing the pipes, shower pan and shower cabinet separately or using the one that was replaced by a newer model in your home.

Before you begin, make sure that the space will be big enough so that you can shower comfortably. While a shower in a camper is relatively smaller than a regular one, it is important that you can turn around in the shower that you build.

You have to buy a shower pan and a shower faucet assembly in order to start. If your camper has no plumbing (which is usually the case), you also have to do this step. The shower cabinet can be at the end of the camper, where making the plumbing is also easier. Most showers that are used in campers have a base called the shower pan, which you will also need. You can purchase a shower pan on the website of Pellandent.

The plumbing system needs pipes and a grey water tank that you can assemble and install underneath the shower, beneath the camper. You can find more instructions about the plumbing system in detail on the internet.

When you start installing the shower, the water pump should be turned off. You have to install the shower panel first, then the walls. You can use brackets to hold the shower panel in place. Caulk the edges of the shower panel and the walls. Once you are done, install curtains around the walls of the shower, to make sure to avoid moisture.

If you want a better insulation you can also use foam insulation boards which you simply mount on the fiberglass walls. Hook up the pipes with the plumbing system and install the shower head.

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If you need to know how to install shower in camper without making a mistake you can refer to the instruction manual that comes with the shower. The first thing you need to remember is you can do this type of work yourself and you can even design your own shower stall.

You can make a surround curtain holder and even make it collapsible for storing when not in use during the day. If you have the right materials, you can put in a drain and tap into your sink water supply to make a homemade shower in any size camper.

The nice thing about making it yourself is that you can use plumbing materials and a shower curtain to make the entire shower. A pop up trailer might become a little trickier to put a shower inside they mostly have showers outside. If you have a 1999 or a 2000 camper or any other year, you can install a shower for a small cast.

When you travel in such states as Wisconsin or Wyoming, you want to experience all that the states have to offer for outdoor activities.

Sometimes shower facilities might not be available making a collapsible shower idea when staying in remote areas. The portable shower also comes as a kit that you can install in the camper. If you find the directions easy enough to follow, you can install the shower yourself.

How to install shower in camper involves finding the location close to a sink and open area in the camper. If you use the right kind of flooring and shower curtain you can rest comfortable that your camper will not get wet while taking a shower. It is all in the location and planning when you install a shower in your camper.

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