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The most important feature of pop up campers that makes them different from other travel trailers is that their roof has to be raised.

Pop up camper lift system are therefore the most essential parts of these recreational vehicles. The whole idea of a pop up camper is that it can be packed up as a very small trailer, but when the roof is raised it provides comfortable sleeping space and even living area on camping sites.

Types of lift systems

There are more types of pop up camper lift systems, depending on the manufacturer. Most of them however share a lot of characteristics, such as the elements which make the lifting system work: cables, pulleys, winches and springs.

Nowadays there are some electronic lift systems as well, but initially all manufacturers made a pulley system which was operated by a hand crank. Besides this there are also hydraulic lift systems that raise the roof much faster than the ones using the more traditional cable pulley method.

These are the most widely known and used lift systems according to manufacturers: C&R Universal Lift, the Palomino Lift System, the Heco Lift System, the Apache Lift System, the Coleman/Fleetwood Lift System, the Goshen Lift Sysstem, the L&W Lift System, the Starcraft Lift System, and the Forest River Lift System. While some lift systems make it easier for the user to raise the roof, others require more time and more strength.

The Coleman Model

The Coleman pop up camper lift system is somewhat different than other lift systems. Its major components are still the cables, the crank and pulleys, but the hand crank is not connected directly with the cable like it does on most other lift systems.

There is a distribution block that is connected to the crank and the cables and a threaded rod which goes through the middle part of the distribution block. At each corner there are pulleys that are connected to the cables.

When the cranks is moved, this movement is transmitted through the threaded rod and from there to the distributions block. From here the rotation reaches the cables which then raise the roof or lowers it.

The cables in the Coleman roof lift system are especially strong and sturdy, made of high quality flexible metal. A Coleman lift system therefore lasts many decades before some components have to be replaced.

Where to buy Coleman lift systems

While Coleman lift system are very durable if maintained correctly, occasionally there are some parts that have to be changed. Cranks, cables and pulleys can be easily purchased in any RV store or online through companies such as Camping World or Discount RV Parts. If you want to replace the whole system, the best way to do so is by looking for dealers and distributors of Coleman systems.

Our favorite is Find your lift system here!

Visitor's Story

A Coleman pop-up camper lift system has three parts to make the system work. A pulley, a clutch and a cable that connects the winch to a lifting device provides for easy rising of the top.

This type of set up helps the camper by making the older way of lifting the top outdated. Campers as old as a 1996 and a 1997 still had the old way of lifting the top and that was a crank done manually.

The new campers come with this system already installed while the older models can have the lift system installed to make setting up the camper even easier.

There is no maintenance required for this system but you do need to inspect the cables and operating system yearly to insure the cables and the winch are in good working order.

If you need to replace any parts, you can locate a dealer online or in your local area.

The pop up trailer continues to make camping and set up easier for the camper from year to year. When you travel and need to set up the pop up camper, you do not want to become exhausted cranking the top up, so measures and inventions have come to your rescue.

Taking care of your camper and lifting system should account for years of use.

Travel to Montana or Missouri with your pop up trailer and enjoy the easy to use Coleman pop up camper lift system that now makes your travels fun and requires no hard work along the way.

If you need to find the Goshen Lift System for your older camper, remember one thing, you need to maintain and keep all lubricants away from the cables and clutch brake to ensure safe operation and long lasting use from the lift system.

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