Compact Truck Camper

The compact truck camper is just that, compact, but roomy enough for traveling and camping.

Truck campers are the perfect option for all camping enthusiasts who enjoy traveling around the country and don't need too much space.

That's why truck campers are considered as compact and they also don't require a special license for their usage.

Although truck campers are marked as compact, they still provide very nice comfort and enough space for a normal living during traveling.

In most compact truck campers, you will find kitchen, limited bathroom facilities, and decent sleeping area. However, if you are not of those who enjoy luxury and roominess, compact truck campers may be your excellent choice.

Beside this smaller but comfortable space, compact truck campers are also very functional and practical. They are very easy for driving than most other travel trailers and toy haulers. Since they are compact, this makes them ideal solution for smaller families or couples who want to enjoy the outdoors not caring for the smaller place.

Popular compact truck camper - Northstar

Compact truck campers usually include a small kitchen and dining area with the option to convert the dining area into a sleeping space in order to maximize the limited amount of space.

Compact truck campers are not only good for camping, they are also very often used for other outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing providing all necessary features and shelter during night.
Choosing the compact truck camper that will perfectly match the buyer's needs is not very difficult but may sometimes be annoying.

If you don't know exactly what you need and what you want then deciding which compact truck camper is good for you may turn into very disturbing job. However, most camper freaks before buying a camper know what their preferences when compact truck campers are concerned and according to their needs, they choose a camper that will satisfy them completely.

Compact truck campers have some benefits over other recreational vehicles. First they are attached to the truck and due to their compact size they are very easily parked. When park they can be unhooked from the truck and you will get free vehicle for wandering around leaving your camper on the campsite. Plus they have all the amenities you may need on the road.

Having seen all these facts, we may conclude that compact truck campers are an excellent choice for all those who are of lower budgets or for those who don't need luxurious campers for traveling.

Visitor's story....

Truck camper loading of a compact camper is surprisingly just as easy as to load as the larger truck campers.

Whether you have a pick up truck camper or a tent pop up travel trailer you still have all the needs to travel in style. I met some people up around Rhode Island that had a compact camper and I do believe this type of travel unit was quite nice.

It was small but yet had the necessary room for some accessories and still had plenty of room for stretching out and relaxing. They actually travel everywhere and enjoy the life of luxury with the compact camper.

The Chevy truck camper shell can fit many sizes of trucks and the compact truck camper allows for easy and affordable travel with a small truck. The thing one has to remember is the four wheeler and the van campers are spacious but do take a little more affordability when traveling.

If you travel from say, Rhode Island to South Carolina the difference between a compact camper on a small truck and a larger vehicle with a truck shell could be quite a bit of price difference in gas.

Also if your towing another trailer with a bike or motorcycle, that could add to the cost as well. However, either way you travel, whether with a compact truck camper or a big size camper, you will definitely have a great time and enjoy swapping stories with all the people you will meet.

This is what camping is about, not the size of your camper, unless you choose to live in it, and then you might want something a little bigger in the future.

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