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Ultra-light Earth Traveler T250LX: specifications, construction details, standard features, options, and more...

        The first part of this article provided detailed description of the overall concept of the Earth Traveler T250LX as well as the presentation of the latest model. The truth is that the designer (an company founder) Mr. Angel Irlanda came up with the truly braking existing standards and expectation model. Thanks to its hybrid design taking the best of Teardrop (hard shell and shape), pop-up (compactness and expandability), as well as Tents (low weight and modularity), the model T250LX starts with the Dry Weight of only 250 lbs, and believe or not, it provides the sleeping space for 2+2 family.....

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Earth traveler

Fully expanded Earth Traveler T250LX 

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250LX: View from the back

Specifications (T250LX)

External length
External width
External height
Interior length (1)
Interior width (1)
Interior headroom (1)
Exterior Length open (2)
Exterior width open (2)
Exterior headroom open (2)
Dry weight
Tongue weight (3)
Tongue height
Ground Clearance

11 ft
5 ft
5 ft
10.5 ft
4.91 ft
3 ft
11 ft
11 ft
3ft -to-7.2 ft
250 lbs
850 lbs
1,100 lbs
35 lbs
2 adults + 2 kids

1. Road (closed) configuration, headroom at the maximum point
2. With deployed side walls and pop-up roofs
3. With standard features

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250LX: Skylight

Earth traveler

Left: traditional Bump Stops  , Right: SumoSprings Trailer Helpers

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250LX: side doors are part of the folding-down wall.

T250LX Construction

  • Shell: Monocoque, 100% Kevlar/Carbon fiber
  • Structural Elements: Composite, Core-cell
  • Frame: Aluminum, (basically its a 36” long yongue)
  • Insulation: Ceiling and walls
  • Suspension: Timbren Axle-Less (1,200 lbs) w/ SumoSprings Trailer Helpers (2,000 lbs).
  • Wheels: Special-Trailer ST145/R12 radials w/aluminum rims (mounted with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern)
  • Doors: Two 28” x 28” (both sides) w/windows and curtains
  • Sidewalls: Two deployable 3’ x 6’ w/custom cots and side weatherproof tents
  • Roof: Two pop-up roofs on hurricane hinge w/waterproof, “Instant set-up” tents (front and rear).
  • Windows: Six (Two 28” x 21” front-side vented windows w/mosquito screens)
  • Skylight: Ventilated, 46” x 48” w/mosquito screen and blackout cover
  • Interior finish: Medium texture non-skid coating
  • Seals: Double Gasket on all openings
  • Hitch ball: 1 7/8” (or 2”)

Standard Features

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250LX: Interior storage (out of 3 sections, opened the "middle" one.

Interior Features

  • Two 72” x 21” x 4” outdoor lounge cushions
  • 5 LED lights
  • 5” deep under-the-floor storage compartments (10.20 cu.ft)
  • 12” deep under-the-floor storage compartment (19.6 cu.ft)
  • 50 lbs D-ring hangers throughout the interior of the main shell
  • 6 Cargo D-Rings Anchors 233 lbs capacity
  • Two 6” x 24” top shelves
  • Two cup holders (front)
  • Window curtains
  • Earth Traveler bottle opener
Earth traveler

Earth Traveler: here on 4 Stabilizer Jacks, lifted above the ground level 

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250LX: Stabilizing Jacks are sort of "Big Screws". Their position is adjusted by rotating (here by using the drill....

Exterior Features

  • Running lights DOT approved
  • 24” x 4.25” portable 5.22-gallon water tank w/50 hose system
  • Front exterior universal chrome anchor point (500 lb max working load)
  • 4 x stabilizing jacks

         Note that Stabilizing Jacks allow for lifting the trailer to the extent that you can even change the wheel. In practice, this offers better stability for the trailer on the campsite (especially with folded-down side walls doubling the trailer’s width). Jacks are adjustable from the interior (either easily with a battery-operated drill or more “laboriously) with a hand tool).

  • Spare tire (kept in the under-the-floor storage)


Earth traveler

Folding, removable table (here inserted into the tongue holder)

Earth traveler

T250XL: Skylight with Darkening Shades

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250XL: Here with Awning


  • While the company lists Pop-up Front and Rear Tents on the list of options, both of them are coming as part of the standard package. Both tents open instantly when the corresponding roofs are lifted, offering headroom of up to 7 1/4 ft high.
  • Similarly, while the Side Tents are on the list of options, both of them come as part of the standard package. However, side tents still need Rainfly tents to protect their mesh ceilings from rain. And it’s not clear if Rainfly tents are included or optional.
  • UV Awnings (available as protection for both side-wall tents)
  • Skylight Darkening Shades Kit (22” x 44”, top-down/bottom-up, made from aluminum)
  • Foldable and removable Table (for interior and outdoor use)
  • Propane tank storage compartment 17” L x 5” W x 7” H (located on the tongue, designed to fit 2 x 16 oz propane bottles for a small grill.
  • Clear Bra (It’s a self-adhesive, and virtually invisible, clear-coated polyurethane film that provides the protection for trailer’s paint finish, greatly reducing the damage caused by sand, gravel, dirt, and other road debris).
  • Interior Cot (adjustable height, 75” x 35” sleeping area designed for up to 300 lbs; it opens the floor area for the storage of extra camping gear)
Earth traveler

Tongue-located storage for  two 16 oz propan bottles 

Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250XL: Interior cot rated for up to 300 lbs

Earth traveler

Solar Energy Kit


  • Renogy 100W/12V Solar System including flexible Solar Panel(s), battery, 30A PVM Negative GND Controller w/LCD Monitor Screen, Adapter kit, Cables, and BT Module (Bluetooth Interface for remote control). It comes with full protection (reverse current, short-circuit, reverse polarity)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Bluetooth-controlled, vandal-resistant).
Earth traveler

Earth Traveler T250XL: Even without "expansion" the shell is surprisingly spacious and thanks to 6 windows and skylight - "flooded" with sunlight

Earth traveler

 and you can take advantage of this space :-)

Summarizing: The Earth Traveler T250LX provides a weather-protected, large and comfortable, towable sleeping place for 4. But unlike typical travel trailers, with its dry weight starting at 250 lbs, it is “feather-like” light, so it can be towed by the smallest, fuel-efficient cars (including electric ones)! So, if Mr Irlanda's Fiat 500 could do it, you can also do it!

Earth traveler

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