Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailers:
Models Under 1000lbs

Modern travel trailers with weight under 1000lbs can offer amenities you would only expect from larger campers; here we've compiled a list of 8 of our favorites......

          Travel trailers today are lighter than ever, with many even being manufactured under 1,000 pounds. This makes it easy for smaller cars to tow these convenient trailers. Actually some can be even towed by “heavier” motorcycles.

Despite general skepticism and opinions that “ultra-light” must be very small and definitely much less comfortable, these days modern ultra-lightweight travel trailers offer amenities you would only expect from larger campers.

In this article, we've compiled a list of our favorite lightweight travel trailers that weigh no more than 1000 pounds. We start with 2016 models and then follow with older models that already proved themselves on the market....

2016 Top Lightweight Travel Trailers Below 1000 lb

1.       Buzz

      Made by So-Cal, Buzz is the lightest and most compact trailer you can find on the market. It will be extremely easy to tow it around, because your car won’t even feel it. Don’t be confused by its light weight, because it is able to withstand any challenge and weather and be a companion for life.

Looking like a bumblebee, with an aerodynamic shape, Buzz’s body is supported by resistant wall steel tubing, of the highest quality. It comes with a torsion axle and two wheels of 14 inches per piece. Inside, a 46” wide mattress can comfortable accommodate two adults. A curb door is the only way inside, which opens to the sides.

Among other facilities are a cabin light, a 12v outlet if you need something to plug in, and shelves, which are all foldable for extra space. If you need more space for cooking, you can also opt for a table, which will be side mounted.

Buzz travel trailer (courtesy of So-Cal Teardrops)


  • 136” overall length, body and towing 
  • 68” total width;
  • 47” width of the inside space
  • 44.5” height inside the the cabin
  • 66” total height;
  • 670 lbs. total weight;
  • 4"x47"x78" dimensions of the bed, for 2 
  • 15” clearance of the ground;

2.       Rover

        Another ultralight trailer from So-Cal Teardrops: a beautiful and aerodynamic camper, with sufficient space to accommodate travelers and offer them all the facilities they need for a comfortable camping experience. On the outside, the Rover has sturdy materials, which will keep you safe regardless of conditions. Also, the body is made to last, so you can enjoy as many outdoor experiences you want.

It is large enough to offer a comfortable place to sleep, while storing a fridge and a stove, with two burners, for increased convenience. In the back area of the galley lid, you will find areas available for storage, the space inside the trailer being maximized. It represents a compact and complete solution for every outing you plan to enjoy.

Rover travel trailer (courtesy of So-Cal Teardrops)


  • 156” overall length, body and towing system; 
  • 68” total width;
  •  47” width inside the cabin;
  •  44.5” height inside the cabin;
  •  65” total height;
  •  920 lbs. total weight;
  •  4"x47"x78" dimensions of the bed, for 2 persons;
  • 15” clearance of the ground;

3.       Suite

       It’s a spacious and easy to tow trailer, to take with you in every traveling experience. For this one, you don’t need a large car to move it around, because it was designed to be straightforward when it comes to transportation. Even if has reduced dimensions, the trailer can still offer you everything you need. In one end, you will find a sofa bed for two. Make it a sofa during the day, for extra space, and pull it in the shape of a bed at night, for a comfortable sleep. The table is mounted on the wall, a smart mechanism allowing you to push it sideways according to your needs, without the need to get it off the wall.

A Fan-Tastic fan is also part of the trailer’s equipment, making the atmosphere inside nice and cozy. And for an efficient use of the space, two depositing areas are available on the outside, two small access doors allowing you to store anything you may need. It has a total weight of 550 lbs., making it easy to tow and maneuver.

Suite - ultralight travel trailer made by Canadian company Roulottes-Prolite.

Below - the view inside of the trailer


  • 11'10” length; 
  • 4'6" width;
  •  4'4” height inside the cabin;
  •  6'4” total height;
  •  550 lbs. dry weight;
  • 935 lbs maximum weight
  •  76"x52" dimensions of the front bed, for 2 persons;

4.       Cool

       For a small family of four, or in case you wish to grab another couple with you in your camping experiences, this trailer can be just perfect. It will require a compact car, slightly bigger than the one required for the previous model, for towing. Everything in this trailer is made to accommodate in a comfortable manner four persons. A sofa bed and dinette will provide the space needed when night comes. During the day, both of them can be reduced in size to make more room inside the trailer.

       A cook top is available, plus a table as well, to facilitate cooking and serving diner. There is room for a small fridge at the same time. For an efficient use of the space, all shelves are foldable and one depositing space in created above the dinette, protected with a net to prevent objects from falling. It has a total weight of 925 lbs. 

Cool 13 - ultralight travel trailer made by Canadian company Roulottes-Prolite.

Below - floorplan of the trailer


  • 13'10” length; 
  • 7'4" external width;
  •  6'0” height inside the cabin;
  •  7'6” total height;
  •  850 lbs. dry weight;
  • 2000 lbs maximum weight
  •  74"x 48" dimensions of the front bed;
  • 74" x 54" rear bed

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