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How to use the Kelly Blue Book for Travel Trailers to make the best of it!

RVs of all kinds such as travel trailers make camping much easier and more convenient for people of all ages and even for families with small children.

Not only that these trailers provide a lot of comfort, but they are also affordable. If you would like to purchase a travel trailer but you are not sure where to start, the first thing you should do is to buy the Kelly Blue Book for travel trailers.

The Kelly Blue Book is the most famous of blue books that contains all kinds of information about the values of RVs such as travel trailers. Initially this book was only written for car owners, but during the 60s when campers such as pop ups and other travel trailers started to become very popular, the company also published a book for RVs. This book is called Kelly Blue Book- Travel Trailer Guide and it is a must whether you are planning to buy a travel trailer or you have one that you want to sell.

Buying or selling a used travel trailer is not as easy as buying or selling cars. When it comes to a car you can easily determine how much it was used, how many kilometers did it makes, and so on. Travel trailers are much harder to analyze, and this is why when you want to decide the value of such a trailer you might bump into a lot of difficulties.

The truth is that very often the price of a travel trailer depends very much on small things, and more often than not on the will of the owner who sells it. Because of this it can very easily happen that you pay more for an RV than it is worth or you get less when you sell it. This is why it is essential to look at the Kelly Blue Book for travel trailers before you buy or sell anything.

There are many reasons why people call the Kelly Blue Book the bible of car owners. The initial success of the Kelly Blue Book which was published in 1926 was so big, that after a while all value books were called blue books.

Flagstaff pop-up camper trailer

In fact nowadays there are many other companies that publish the so called blue books which just like the Kelly Blue Book, contain value information about cars and other vehicles. However, non of them is as reliable as the Kelly Blue Book, which won the trust of many people around the globe. But how can you use this book and why is it so useful?

This book will help you determine the value of the travel trailer you own, or of the one which you are planning to buy. If you use this book it will be much less likely that you will be cheated. The book will help you determine the value of the vehicle by using information such as the manufacturer of the trailer, the model, the year it was made and so on. You also need to know other information such the height of the trailer, the weight, and so on.

There are many smaller things that you will have to take into consideration, such as facilities that the trailer has. The book will help you through all of these steps, and in the end give you three values: the retail value, the trade-in value and the private party value of the travel trailer that you want to sell or buy.

When you got the value thanks to the Kelly Blue Book, make sure you take into consideration other aspects. If you have a travel trailer you want to sell which has some extra facilities, make sure you don't forget about them. If you are planning to buy a travel trailer that has some damage such as broken canvas or damaged floor, make sure that the price will be less than what the book suggests.

Unfortunately even the Kelly Blue Book cannot give you the perfect value for a travel trailer, exactly because there are all these small things that can change the value immediately. After all, you cannot be sure how much the trailer was used. However, the Kelly Blue Book is a great and reliable source of information for those you own or want to own a travel trailer.

 Determining the value of trailer is probably the most difficult among all the vehicles. When you buy a car or another type of RV such as a motor home you can tell easily how much it has been used from the mileage.

This is impossible to know when it comes to campers, since mileage cannot be measured. In turn there are some other things that you have to take a closer look at, such as the wear of the trailer and the damage can show how much it has been used. When it comes to pop up campers, the value of the unit is affected by the condition of the pop up system.

Those folding trailers that are used a lot have a less functional pop up system and you can immediately see this. Travel trailers also have most often damage underneath the flooring because of wet storing conditions. Keep in mind these things when you are trying to find the value of a trailer, because they can reduce the actual price dramatically.

However, with the help of the Kelley blue book you can find out how much the camper in question is worth approximately.

The travel trailer guide by the Kelley Blue Book

Unfortunately recently the Kelley Blue Book has stopped producing their book for evaluation of RV products, including travel trailers.

There are some other options that you can use besides this guide. The NADA guides for example are also quite useful when it comes to RVs and you can find some other blue books online that will help you out. In the NADA guide you will find information for travel trailers, campers, fifth wheels and motorhomes as well.

Even though the Kelley Blue Book for travel trailers is no longer published, you can still find some older editions that can help you out. However, note that the market changes quite often, and with it the prices of trailers. Some people believe that when it comes to trailers, you shouldn’t rely so much on value books.

This includes even the Kelley Blue Book, which however very well researched, could not offer very accurate prices. This is not the fault of the value books, but it is simply coming from the nature of trailers. This is why a lot of sellers and Rv specialists advice both buyers and sellers of trailers not to rely on the information found in value books only, but make some more research. You can for example check some listings, see what prices people offer for the same vehicle you want to buy or sell.

This particular Kelley blue book was published twice a year with new information. It contains models of trailers for up to 9 years, and it has new models and old models as well. The travel trailer guide includes travel trailers, folding trailers, tent campers and fifth wheels. You will surely find the model you are looking for in one of these guides.

Buying the Kelley blue book

Since it is no longer published, you can only buy earlier editions of the Kelley blue book. These are still available in some stores, online shops or in libraries. The price of such a guide is $65.

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Trailers are ideal for camping trips for the whole family. Everyone can have a great time of fun together without being bothered by sticking to arrival and departure schedules if they had opted instead to travel by rail, road or air travel. Especially when traveling with children, trailers can be extremely useful in making the outing leisurely and fun. Trailers also make the trip very comfortable. You need not worry about the type of accommodation at the destination since you tug the accommodation along with you all the time. There is a trailer for every kind of need and requirement. There are some huge trailers that require quite a powerful vehicle to tug it. But for the most part, you can find trailers that can be towed by regular small size cars too. The choice available is quite wide and you can find a trailer that would suit your car well. One of the most difficulties faced by prospective buyers of trailers is the lack of availability of proper price estimates. Those that want to buy trailers are at a loss as to what would be the right price of purchase.When you are faced with that problem, immediately refer to the Kelley Blue book for trailers. It is the most comprehensive price list guide for travel trailers in the United States. The Kelly blue book is also published in a number of other countries, covers vehicles of different types, and makes. Right from cars to motorcycles and RV's pricing to the prices of old cars, the Kelley Blue book covers a wide variety of vehicles of different makes and models. The next time you need to purchase a vehicle of any kind, refer to the Kelley Blue book before heading to the vehicle dealer to know the best price in the market. -

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They are the best way to enjoy a holiday without any kind of restriction on travel. You do not have to stay in residential facilities that are far from your camping site.

You can stay right where the action is.You can also live in the kind of comfort that you are most used to rather than depending on the quality of accommodation provided by the hotel or dorm that you plan to stay in. It is almost like taking the home with you wherever you go. You can travel wherever you want and still stay in comfort just as you would do back home.

There is a wide variety of trailers to choose from these days. Each of them has different specifications and is suited for different purposes. While most of them can be hauled using today’s small cars, while a few of them might require vehicles with more pulling power.

Nevertheless, you would be able to choose a travel trailer that is most appropriate for your particular requirement. But since so many choices are available, it can be difficult for people wanting to purchase a trailer to determine the correct estimated price for the vehicle.

Such people can effectively use the Kelly s blue book for travel trailers, which provides the most comprehensive price list guide for travel trailers. The Kelly blue book for travel trailers is published by Kelly Blue Book, which caters not only to the travel trailer segment but to also other regular automobile purchasers’ needs as well.

In fact the company has pricing guides for cars, old cars, motorcycle as well as RV's pricing. Anyone who wished to purchase an automobile – be it a car, motorcycle, a boat or an RV can refer to the Kelly Blue Book for the correct price of the vehicle.

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