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Where to find pop up camper canvas when you need them? The best answer may come from two companies - Bear Creek Canvas and Canvas Replacement

Pop-up camper canvas is very important element of every pop-up camper.

Without the canvas, you will not be able to fully enjoy camping life with your pop-up camper.

Regarding the facts that the number of pop-up camper users are growing constantly, there are many different brands of canvases for pop-up campers because canvas is part of every pop-up which sometimes due to the long time usage gets damaged and needs to be replaced.

Although there is a wide range of affordable pop-up campers, the owners usually get tied to their pop-up campers and would rather buy and replace damaged canvas than purchase another pop-up camper. This is corroborated by the fact that there are many different brands of pop-up camper canvas.

Here are some of them: Bear Creek Canvas, Canvas Replacements.

Bear Creek Canvas has more than 20 years of experience in making pop-up camper canvas. They are famous for manufacturing the highest quality of replacement canvas. Their canvas is very easy to install and perfectly fit to may pop-up camper brands.

Canvas Replacements is another great manufacturer of pop-up camper canvas which is present on the camping gear market for a long time. During their long presence on the market, they have grown into one of the largest and most respected manufacturer and supplier of pop-up camper canvas for the entire company.

And for those patient or more curious we suggest to watch this video presentation of what Canvas Replacements is up to :-)

Visitor's story....

There are many companies that can make new canvas tops for your tent pop up trailer.

The total time to make the covers is the longest part. Pop up camper roof repair can be done in many different ways.

The easy way is just buy a new one. After having it made, you can install the canvas top yourself in about an hour or less.Companies make the canvas top especially for the year and make of your pop up camper.

If you have a Coleman pop up camper canvas that needs to be replaced, these companies get the needed information from you and have the canvas made and delivered right to your door.

This is idea for anyone who may be camping and need a new top replacement. There are people who travel year round and you can ask for the company to contact you via phone about when the canvas should arrive.

Next you can check with the post office to see if they will accept the package care of general delivery.

If they can do this, you won’t have to cancel your plans while waiting for a new pop up camper canvas.

You may need to do some pop up camper roof repair while waiting for the new top, but at least you will be receiving a new one that you can install ourself.

Whether you have a truck pop trailer or a tent pop up camper you can still order the canvas and install it yourself. The labor time is so short that you will be amazed that this easy installation can be so affordable. To prevent your popup camper canvas from becoming a replacement issue, try some preventive medicine as I like to call it.

Always keep the pop up camper canvas dry when not being used. Before you store the camper for days, weeks or months, make sure the canvas is always dry. This helps keep the mold and mildew from eating away at the canvas. If you are camping near bushes and vines of any kind, make sure they are not hanging over or touching the canvas. The acid that they release can be very harmful to your canvas top.

Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri are known for great camping, but also they rainy seasons that can ruin a camping trip if you start to leak through the canvas top. There are patches and cement compounds that can be used to repair pop up camper canvas tops. This can be done on a dry canvas and should be done with proper ventilation.

Proper repellants can be used on the canvas to add protection from rain. The pop up camper canvas top comes this way, but you may need to redo the sealant procedure during the time you own a pop up camper. This also can help keep the canvas new and in great shape. Also you want to check the stitching to make sure the stitching is still in good shape. Dry rot is a concern for the stitching.

Never use a water canvas repellant from a hardware store unless you are absolutely sure it is for your type of canvas. This could cause your existing repellent to react and not work properly if you apply the wrong stuff.

I know of someone that actually did this and was just horrified to see what happened when it rain out later on. The rain settled into the canvas and created a total mess inside the tent pop up trailer. So always make sure what you’re using before hand.

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