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Enthusiast of adventure? Leave your stuff home, you will find that wilderness has it all, look for small lightweight pickup camper and take roads less traveled for your next vacations

When you go in an adventure, chances are that you don’t want to take a lot of extra weight with you.

Wilderness has it all you are looking for so “stuff” is just the annoyance you would like to leave home (or somewhere else as the matter of fact). 

Adhering to this idea you should then start with a smaller camper.

It is not only economic, it’s also ‘fullness” of adventure because definitely you will be able to explore roads less traveled, off the bitten paths. And that is the spirit of adventure.

LivinLite provides support for such ideas with their series of small, lightweight truck campers.

Camplite 5.7 Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Truck Camper

This is by far one of the best choices that you can make when it comes to choosing a good pickup camper. This wonderful camper brings an LP furnace, an LP hookup as well as a 3 way refrigerator. Alongside that, the bed is very nicely created, and it has around 60x80. What’s really neat about this camper is that despite its small size it can hold an air conditioning unit which is very useful during hot summer days..

Design and structure

This particular unit is specifically designed for the smaller trucks, so with it you can virtually go anywhere you might want. Despite the small size, the camper comes with an all-aluminum construction, a resistant, durable floor as well as walls and roof that are vacuum-bond laminated in order to receive even more strength and resistance to weather elements. Thanks to these features, this is a great, durable camper that can withstand generations of use without a problem.
Dry Weight 1,200 lbs

You see it, you believe it :-)

Camplite 6.8 ultra-lightweight Aluminum truck camper

If you are looking for a slightly larger camper which still has a very small size when compared to others on the market, then this might be a very good one. It includes every one of those things that you might need, such as a large bed with overhang. On top of that, the camper can easily slide all the way on the truck bed, which certainly makes it perfect for use on larger trucks, a neat and very attractive “bonus” to say the least.

Framing and exterior

Just like the aforementioned model, this one also brings aluminum framing, including the cabinets and any other components. The exterior of the camper is actually painted with aluminum skin and the roof, as well as the walls are vacuum bond laminated. Both of these offer a lot of durability to the camper, and you do need something like this when you are going in various adventures.
But what’s maybe the most important thing is that the other materials used in the creation of the camper are almost 100% recyclable, so they won’t pose any threat to the environment.

kitchen in the model 6.8


Both these campers are specifically created to offer the reliability and ease of use that you might expect. No matter where you want to go, if you purchase one of the two aforementioned campers you will have a lightweight, mobile home, complete with bed and any other utilities that you might need. You can cook on the road, take a showers and so on, all of these while you try to prepare your next adventure.
Dry Weight 1,780 lbs

Visitor's story.....

Pick up camper restoration on small pickup campers calls for time and effort to complete.

This project comes with or without pick up plans that help guide you through all the steps of restoration.

If you have a 1983-1984 pickup camper shell; you want to make sure you get the right plans for that year and size.

The complete process can be completed in a matter of months if you work diligently at it everyday.

Now truck camper and pop up camper trailers have different types of restoration plans and they are made especially for the specific makes and models.

Once you see some other projects that people have completed you will see the time and money needed to complete.

The best part about pickup truck campers is you can travel in the wooded areas off the beaten path that campgrounds provide. Now some parks have regulations about this, but if you are camping, you will have a good camping time.

If you ever try this down in Texas though you might a have few problems other than were to put the pickup camper. If you have a camper that requires some more miles, you may want to check out Utah for some scenic views of the mountain areas. The nice thing is, you can detach the camper from the truck or leave it attached.

Take small pickup campers over pop up camper trailers, some people actually prefer a truck camper to a van camper or a bigger truck camper.

This does provide for tighter fitting areas, when you have a small truck, but everyone must choose for himself or herself.

When you decide to get out on the road and do some camping, choose the right camper for your type of travels and have a great time doing everything you ever wanted.

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