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Snowmobiling became an increasingly popular form of winter sports

....  With numerous scenic areas to explore and their remoteness, the snowmobile trailer could be quite helpful in any winter activity....

What are snowmobile sledges / pull behinds?

A snowmobile sledge, also spelled sled is a vehicle possessing separate body and relatively  longitudinal and narrow runners that travels by sliding along a snowy terrain.

In some cases (although rarely) sledges can also be used over grass, mud and smooth stones.

Pull-behind sledges have been used for centuries to transport both men and cargo and frankly they are the only means of travel in snowy or icy areas.

Traditionally pull behind sledges were operated by dogs or horses. And although in modern times they are often pulled by motorized snowmobiles, the tradition is till well alive. Dogs or horse sledges represent the nostalgic past; they offer an excitement we are often deprived from by modern technology.

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Of course snowmobile sledges as being completely self-driven certainly form a big part of winter recreational activity, rescue operations and everyday mobility on snowy terrains.

Be it recreational, hunting, fishing, outfitting, rescue or any activity, modern snowmobile sledges are perfect vehicles to pull behind cargo and men while you move across a difficult terrain. The first snowmobile sledge was introduced in 1916 as a solution for those struggling to live and work in snowy northern territories. Modernized and improved, they greatly improved conditions of life of countless inhabitants in subarctic areas.   With time, snowmobiles gained popularity as recreational vehicles and that completely changed the game.

Today, snowmobiling is a form of racing and is an amazing activity to revitalize the mind and body of winter sports aficionados. As adventurous as it may seem, a snowmobiler needs thorough practice to be able to safely ride the vehicle. As the vehicle zooms past, both the rider and the driver are affected by various natural elements like snow, ice and rough terrain but also wind, sun, glare and cold not even mentioning other factors like vibration and motion.

If you make the right decision, snowmobiling can be a great way to be out of the house. It should be noted however that when practicing snowmobiling it is imperative to consider your safety, the safety of people around and to respect the natural environment.

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The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself or the others. This is why various manufacturers came up with interesting designs that enhance the pleasure and safety of driving a snowmobile with sledge or trailer.

Most popular brands and their characteristics

1.    Karavan Trailers

The Karavan trailers are one of the most popular snowmobile trailers / sledges in UK and offer exceptional performance, safety and reliability.

•    Rubber Mounted Lighting
•    Tongue Jacks
•    Marine Tech PTP Decking
•    2” Coupler
•    Heavy Gauge Tie Down Bars
•    Torsion Axle
•    Polyester Power Coat Finish

2.    Ski-Doo

The Ski-Doo brand is iconic in snowmobile trailers and related products. Their first vehicle was launched in 1959, and since then, it has been a tough competition to beat.

•    4 stroke horizontal engine
•    3” couplers or more
•    Power coating
•    Rubber mounted high beams
•    Tongue jacks

3.    Aluma

Futuristic and user friendly, Aluma is another brand that provides a range of trailers and sledges in a wide budget range.

•    Rubber torsion axle
•    Easy lube hubs (no brakes)
•    Hold down bars
•    Removable/fixed aluminum ramp
•    Storage space
•    Outer cover
•    Safety chains

4.    Sledgear

•    Rear jacks
•    ATF on front
•    Polyester covering material
•    Marine Tech PTP Decking
•    2” Coupler
•    Heavy Gauge Tie Down Bars
•    Rubber torsion axle
•    Easy lube hubs

While these are some of the most famous brands, many people also look for customized trailers. Indeed these “hard-to-die” lovers of snowmobiling should go for the specifications that will suit their venture in style, safety and comfort.

Things to look out for:

If you have long been waiting for winters to take out your snowmobile or buy one, it’s time that you gear up.

There are so many things that you would want to check and put in place before you get yourself a trailer.

Part of being gearing up for the trip is ensuring that you have all the safety installations in place.

If you are going to get a new snowmobile this season, here are some necessary safety tips you should consider:

•    Ensure that your snowmobile trailer is properly equipped. If should carefully read the owner’s manual for tips, there is nothing like it. Additionally, it would be suggested that you go for a towing packing.

•    Check out the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This is the limit to which you can get packed up. You can check both online (on the manufacturer’s website) or the side doors for the specifications.

•    Ensure that you are perfectly comfortable hitching your trailer. A trusted brand will also come with the right guidance in this respect.

•    Lights are important when it comes to snowmobile. Go for high beam ones that will help you better navigate in the terrain. Out in the snow, the trailer is your only companion, the carelessness can lead to the worst disaster.

•    A good braking system is mandatory. You can additionally purchase a breakaway switch that helps stop the trailer in case it gets separated from the main vehicle.

•    Snowmobile trailers come with highly rugged tires. Check forums and people with experience for the best suggestion.

•    Create safety kits that will include wheel chocks, spare tires, jacks, road hazard sides and flares.

•    Make sure your towing vehicle has perfect mirror clearance, you should be able to see your trailer.

Dress appropriately and plan well before you ride. You certainly are in for a great time!

Visitor's story......

When they have enough snow, they have some great snowmobile trails.

Even though Wyoming has some high mountains with some tremendous snow accumulations, I never recall seeing anyone with a snowmobile during my travels.

Back a few years ago, in 1993 in Wisconsin I met a husband and wife who were from down south and had come up north to do some snowmobiling in the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

They traveled in a RV with all the comforts and were able to enjoy the snow and stay warm during the winter.

They were avid believers in warmth, but needed to have a week during the winter to do something they always enjoyed when they lived in the area. I think there RV was a 1992, so it was rather new and spectacular inside. They had all the comforts and needed nothing more. The heat was great and they survived every year in the cold dead of winter.

Even though not all of us like the cold, you can enjoy snowmobiling anywhere as long as you have the necessary accommodations, like a heated RV. Camping trailers and other trailers pull behind RV’s and fifth wheelers easy enough and really do not add that much more weight.

The snowmobile pull behind trailer usually has open side and covered snowmobiles mounted on their way to snow. If you ever notice a set up like this, you can figure out these people are looking for the ultimate adventure.

Cold and snow while camping in their homey campers or RV’s is what these people live for anywhere.

If you want to give it a try, bundle up warm, I hear this winter sport is cold and you need to understand the rules of snowmobiling and stay on the groomed trails.

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