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Let's see the most known boat camper tops manufacturers....

Most cabin cruiser boats have waterproof lightweight canvas tent over the cockpit which is known as boat camper top.

Boat camper tops are considered the great way to protect you from the inclement weather, for warmth at night, for defense against bugs, as a sleeping porch or simply they can be used for privacy.

Boat camper tops usually allows you to stand up. Most boat camper tops are made of canvas but fabrics and colors may vary by boat model and make.

They can provide you comfortable and usable area for enjoying boating lifestyle. Boat camper tops usually come in two sections attached by a zipper. They also have plastic windows that zip open and close.

The well known boat camper tops manufacturers are Great Lakes Boat Top Co, Canvas Innovation, ANP Inc.

Great Lakes Boat Top is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of boat covers, camper tops, bimini tops, cockpit covers, tonneau covers, and many other products for boats. They produce top quality boat camper tops, and companies such as Sea Ray, Malibu, Regal, Boston Whaler, Four, Winns, and more trust them.

Canvas Innovations is a new name in the world of boat camping, but has a long history attached to it. The company has been dealing with designing boat tops and also they offer a full upholstery shop with options for boats of all kinds. Each top manufactured at Canvas Innovation is designed on an individual basis and custom fit to your boat.

Here is the glimpse at what is offering Canvas Innovations

ANP Inc. has been developing patterns for a vast variety of boat manufacturers trying to create boat camper tops that will meet buyers needs and preferences. They have been producing boat camper tops for the following boat manufacturers: Princecraft boats, Doral international, Doral boats, Sea-Doo BRP, Sunray, Cadorette, Thundercraft, and many more.

Visitor's story...

The tops are made of durable canvas and come with canvas or screen sides that roll up and down for privacy.

These tops provide for hours of fun out on a lake and if you are an avid boater, you might even consider sleeping on the boat at night, thus the camper top will do well for this need. Back in 1981 or 1982, I had the chance to get out on a pontoon boat in Louisiana. They had a top on it with make shift sides for privacy.

Thinking back to the way they had it set up, they were very close to the ones we see made today. If you need to find a boat top that also works as a camper at night or even during the day, you might try some of the online sites that deal with boats and camper supplies.

In Kentucky, the area does not have much boating, but they do have boats that also have camper tops for overnight camping on the lake. Although camping is great no matter where you are, I prefer to sleep with my wheels on the ground. It would be my luck to get up during the night, forget where I am, and fall overboard. Do not laugh, I know people this has happened too.

When looking for boat camper tops, you need to find a good fit for your boat, therefore have all your measurements and the make and model along with the year available whether you shop online or at a local dealership.

This information helps you select a top that will fit the boat and not leave any slack where no slack is wanted.

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