Soft Tops For Truck Campers

The soft tops for truck campers are very clever solutions .....

Soft Tops for truck campers are made of soft materials like canvas.

Choosing the right top for your truck campers will surely enhance the look of your vehicle.

There are so many different choices of soft tops that it is sometimes very difficult to decide which one to choose.

Although soft tops sometimes are not able to provide high-end security, they are still very popular because they give very attractive look to truck campers.

Another disadvantage of soft tops for truck campers is that they can be easily open with the help of sharp-edged objects. On the other hand, soft tops are very easily installed and easily come off, one person can open it in about a minute. Soft tops made of high quality canvas will protect your cargo from the elements and still have full use of your truck bed.

Moreover, soft tops may be completely removed and stored in the bags. These soft beds are ideal when going hunting and camping.

Softopper is convertible truck top which is ideal for most pick up trucks. Softtopper will provide you the best in cargo protection from the elements when needed and full use of the truck bed. They are perfect for camping, sporting events and many other uses. This type of soft top is fully collapsible and is made of the best materials which are specially tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The material that is used is a coated automotive convertible fabric and is completely waterproof. 

They are very durable and will remain beautiful for years. They are tested against wind, rain, snow, sunlight and rot. Choosing Softopper soft tops for truck campers will provide you an excellent option for your truck camper.

How easy it is to set-up the Softopper.......

Bestop is another great brand of soft tops for truck campers which perfectly covers and protects the truck beds. It is made of high quality materials. The shell is tough and good looking and folds up easily for open top bed access.

When mounting Bestop soft top you have to use Bestop’s advanced Belt-Rail attachment system. It includes tinted zip-out windows with heavy duty zippers that are sturdy enough for every adventure.

.... and here is the demonstration of the Bestop collapsible camper shell...

Visitor's story.....

You might find them at a dealer or at a website online.

In any case, you can buy an older one or a newer one depending on what you need.

The soft tops are not as common as the hard tops, but they do serve the same purpose, they protect you from the weather and provide for an enclosed are to sleep.

These tops work well in the summer months, but also in Florida and Georgia, you might be able to utilize them all year because it does not as cold as it does in other parts of the country.

Unlike the hard tops, the soft tops might fit different years without many problems. For instance, you might be able to use a 2003 top on a 2002 truck. It all depends on the style.

One thing many people do not understand about the soft tops is you can place a luggage rack on top of them. This helps with hauling personal belongings and gives you more room inside for resting or sleeping.

You do have to be careful with these tops, since they are made of a durable canvas, that made become damaged with improper use. If you need a new top for a truck or a used top, you can look around anywhere and find what you are looking for.

If you find used soft tops for truck campers, you need to inspect them very carefully for unraveling stitching and do a water test to make sure there are no leaks. Even the smallest leak can ruin a good night’s sleep. The best thing to do for these types of tops is to buy new. They are affordable and then you receive the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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