Camper Leer Shells


Leer truck caps or shells are some of the most durable and lightweight camper shells that you can find.

Their strength lies in their construction which is done with great skill using the best materials.

The camper Leer shells are made of resilient fiberglass and non corrosive aluminum, which are both known to be durable and lightweight at the same time.

The exterior of this camper shell is rust free therefore it lasts longer than most other camper shells do.


The camper Leer shell comes in different models. The standard shells are the same height as the truck, but there are some models which are taller for more space and comfort. All of the models can come with roof racks to make sure that you have enough storage space.

Model 100 XR

This model is a combination which has been made by using some of the best features of the other camper Leer shell models. It has a lot of great features that make it one of the favorite models among Leer fans.


- insulated roof
- limited lifetime color & structure warranty
- hinged weather cover
- interior dome light
- curved all-glass rear door
- dark tint glass
- 50/50 side sliding windows with screens
- recessed led third brake light
- frameless curved glass rear door
- fiberglass base rails

Model 122

This is without doubt the most famous model of Leer camper shells. It has a higher profile than all the other models. There is more headroom and also more options that come with this model, such as the Adventure Sports Package or the Wilderness Package. The model 122 comes with:

- limited lifetime color & structure warranty
- automotive paint
- full-height framed flat glass door with double t-handle locks
- high-rise height for added clearance and cargo capacity
fiberglass base rails for structural integrity
custom fit design
fixed front window
insulated roof
third brake light
side bay windows

Model 100 R

Suitable as a camper but also great as a pickup truck, this model has strength to carry bigger cargo. It is also cost effective and fuel efficient. Here are some of its most important features:

- recessed framed door
- fiberglass base rails
- dark tint glass
- recessed 50/50 sliding windows w/screens
- limited lifetime color & structure warranty
- insulated roof
- installation bulb seal
- recessed led third brake light

Where to buy camper Leer shells

If you are looking for new camper Leer shells, the best place to start looking is one the website of the company. There you can familiarize yourself with the options you have and make a decision. On the website of Leer you can also find a dealer in your area easily by entering your zip code. Leer has dealers in every state. This way you can visit their store easily without having to go too far. Other places such as eBay or the Leer Central are further options for purchasing camper Leer shells.

Visitor's Story

Camper Leer shell manufacturers produce quality shells for trucks of any years.

Shells for trucks as old as a 1988 or 1989 can have the perfect shell made for it in as little as a week. Get fiberglass camper shells and truck tops by placing the order and they make it to fit the year and model of your truck. The fiberglass is lightweight and durable along with being stylish.

The camper Leer shells as a smooth finish, the shells made for the eighty model trucks are not as supplicated as the truck shells today.

Truck shells allow you to do many things, camp with a sleeping area, storage areas with lock and key or just about anything. If you tow a trailer behind the truck, this does not interfere with the truck shell in any way.

Another material used in a camper Leer shell is aluminum and you have durability and quality construction. Some people feel the aluminum shells are better for holding heavier objects on top, more than the fiberglass.

Because men will be men, some even stand on the tops at sporting events and even when hunting. In this case, the aluminum may support the weight better than a fiberglass top would.

Camper Leer shells are manufactured in a few different states, but if you live in Texas or Utah for instance, you need to order the top from a dealer who gets the top from a manufacture out of state.

This usually does not take long if one is already made; if it is a special order, they say you could receive it within a week’s time. With every camper shell, you do receive a warranty for material and quality. Warranties do vary depending on the style and type of material you request for a camper shell.

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