Snugtop Camper Shell

Finding a Snugtop camper shell used or new for an affordable price that fits a truck should consist of checking around for the right size and style.

Snugtop has been producing camper shells for almost 50 years, and all that time it has been the leading manufacturer of these very useful products.

They protect the bed of the trucks, items you are carrying and keep the elements from affecting the goods that are in the truck bed.

These shells are equipped with side, front and back windows and the back end can be opened.

Snugtop camper shells are very functional and can be installed easily without having to drill any holes in the truck in order to install it. To properly install this shell, all you need is adequate tools, little help and it will take half an hour to set it up.

It should be noted that you must make sure that you have bought the Snugtop shell that matches your truck model since each Snugtop shell doesn’t fit every truck model....

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Here are the instructions on how to install Snugtop shell:

  1. Clean the bed rails of the truck with either damp washcloth or alcohol cloth as alcohol will clean the surface and remove dirt and debris. Leave the rails to dry.
  2. Take the Snugtop shell out of the box.
  3. Ask some of your friends to help you to put the shell on the place. Place it with tailgate end pointing the same direction as the truck tailgate. The sides and corners of the shell should be lined up with the sides and corners of the truck. On the bottom of the Snugtop is a rubber that should be sat on the top of the truck rail.
  4. Get into the area under the shell, open the front shell window and make sure that the rubber and the shell are lined up. In order to check this better you can use a flashlight and if there is a need you can readjust the shell. Then close the window and lock it with the window locks that are placed in the upper corners of the window.
  5. Take the Snugtop hardware that are usually in plastic bag and come with the shell.
  6. On the inside part of the side panels of the shell, there are holes in which you must insert the bolts through the top and secure them in place on the bottom with a nut. In order to do it use a socket wrench. Repeat this step for all holes and bolts.
  7. Put the rubber nut caps over the nuts.
  8. Remove the screws that hold the truck tail light on with a screwdriver and connect the shell wiring to the brake light assembly. In order to check if this works properly just tap the brakes.
  9. Finally, shut the shell door and try to lock and unlock it to check if it works well.

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Some used models come with Yakima tracks for easy installation of the top rack if you need one.

Whether you have a 1995 or a 1996 truck, you may find that a truck shell is easier and affordable by looking for a used model.

Because these shells are made of durable fiberglass or aluminum, they last sometimes longer than the truck itself.

If you have a trailer camper, you have two ways to travel and camper.

The dogs could sleep in the truck that as Snugtop camper shells and you can sleep in the camper itself.

This holds true even camping or traveling through Alaska or Alabama, you want to protect the animals from the elements but supply the fresh air with opening the small window.

Snugtop camper shell units come with or without windows for opening. These types of truck shells allow for ventilation while still offering protection from the elements.

When you purchase a truck shell, you need to make sure you get the right shell for the right size of your truck bed. The fiberglass shell can be just as durable as the aluminum; it is a matter of choice when choosing the camper shell.

When you find Snugtop camper shells you may notice the price is affordable and the quality of the shell in good condition even on a used one, the new ones and the used ones usually show no difference if take care of the right way.

You can usually pick on up for less than the price of a television is some cases. Most truck owners prefer the shells as a style statement more than a need. They do add a special look to the truck.

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