Ford Ranger Camper Shell

Ford Ranger camper shells are just as durable as the trucks are of the same brand.

With a Ford Ranger camper shell you can make your truck much more useful and utilizable with a lot of new cool functions that you didn’t have before.

These camper shells are great for storing your things securely in a safe and dry place.

Besides this they are also great if you are going camping or traveling and you would like to sleep in a safe place.

Ford Ranger camper shells come in many models, some of them with a lot of functions, while others are simpler, perfect for just storing some of your stuff.


Ford Ranger camper shells can be easily installed and removed from the truck, so if you don’t need them you don’t have to carry them around. In the same time once they are installed, they make your truck more whole. This is one of the most convenient things about Ford Ranger camper shells: they are easy to use and also easy to store in case you don’t use them.


Ford Ranger camper shells are made of fiberglass in various colors, such as red fiberglass or black fiberglass. There are some companies and dealers that sell Ford Ranger Camper shells painted with the same color as your truck is. The most relevant benefit of fiberglass is that it is lightweight, non corrosive and lasts for a long time.


The price of a Ford Ranger Camper Shell can vary a great deal according to the model, but you will need about $1000 to buy a Ford Ranger camper shell. If you want to have it with extra options such as sliding windows or batteries for the inner light, you will have to pay an extra $100. The price also varies between long bed trucks and short bed trucks.

Buying Ford Ranger Camper Shells

Andy Auto Sport sells custom Ford Ranger truck camper shells, fiberglass camper shells and other Ford shells as well. They have several models of the Ford Ranger camper shells such as 83-92 Ford Ranger Camper Shells, 98-00 Ford Ranger Camper Shells and 01-05 Ford Ranger Camper Shells. For second hand camper shells visit the website of Yakaz or eBay.

Visitor's Story....

A Ford Ranger camper shell is similar to other types of truck shells, but fits styles of Ford Rangers.

In some instances, people have taken the Ford Ranger shell and put on another make of truck with some improper fitting shells.

Some have said that it is not that noticeable and can be dealt with in different ways.

The 1990 camper Nissan shell truck and 1991 Ford Ranger camper shells have some differences in style, shape, fit, and will more than likely not be interchangeable. Some people have said they are changeable between the two.

Many people advertise these types of shells for sale when they upgrade to newer models and styles and provides a market for late model truck shells.

Whether you shop around in Vermont for a camper shell or Virginia, you can find them all over the place by looking around. If you need a new Ford Ranger camper shell, talk to the dealer or order from an online manufacturer for availability of shells. The camper rack shell truck topper allows you to attach the rack to the top of the shell for convenient storage.

Trailer storage sometimes is inconvenient and that requires people to look for alternative storage resulting in the use of a camper shell truck rack, which mounts on top of the shell. Ford Ranger camper shells mount on the truck with a perfect fit and the sided racks mount on top with rubber pads under the feet as not to scratch your fiberglass or aluminum truck shell.

Depending on the capacity load restriction on your truck shell, racks will hold up to three hundred pound when evenly distributed on the entire rack. Camper rack shell truck toppers are easily removed if you wish remove it when not being used, it usually takes only five or less minutes.

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