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 1. What is a floor plan?

Floor plans are drawings to scale that show an interior from above.

Floor plans are very important because they show the different rooms to scale, this way you can see the relationship between the different spaces, the characteristics and the shape of these areas and the image of the whole structure as well.

RVs such as fifth wheels come with floor plans where you can see the position and the size of areas and rooms such as the kitchen area, the bedroom, bathroom, living area and so on.

Most of the times the floor plans of a fifth wheel camper also show the position of the fridge, stove, furniture, water heater etc.

2.    Rv floor plans

             Why do Rvs have a floor plan? It is simple. Fifth wheels, just like other campers or RVs are manufactured by various companies. The most well known and popular brands for fifth wheels all have their own special design and floor plans to help customer choose the best fifth wheel for them. Floor plans are furthermore a way to make easy to see the different models of a certain camper that the company manufactures.

All the manufacturers of fifth wheels have several various models. Models often have noticeable differences among each other, for example they come with various features and options, they differ in size and weight, they have another type of style and design. It is easy to see a difference between models of the same type of campers made by the same brand. However, when it comes to floor plans, there aren’t so many differences.

Many companies have the same model of fifth wheels in various floor plans. This means that while the main features of the campers are the same, the inside everything is organized a bit differently. The interior of the campers is designed in a way to give more room for options. This way even after you have chosen the model of a manufacturer that you like the most, you have further options. These further options are given to you thanks to the various floor plans that the company offers.

3.    Why are floor plans relevant?

                When you choose a fifth wheel model, it comes with many floor plans. This way you can make sure that in the end you will be completely happy with the trailer that you have bought. Different floor plans for the same model give you the freedom to choose where you want the position of the toilet, shower, kitchen, dinette and so on.

In a larger fifth wheel you can choose the position of the rooms, the bed, the mattresses etc. So while the model gives you options on a larger scale, choosing between flood plans is like deciding in your house where to put the kids bedroom and how to organize the kitchen and the living room according to your taste.

4.    Where to find floor plans?

          Floor plans can be found on brochures and on the internet as well. Once you have chosen the desired brand of fifth wheels, you can visit the website of the company in question and take a look at the floor plans on their website. Brochures also contain detailed and high resolution images of all the floor plans for their campers. Most of the times floor plans are showed next to each other, so you can easily make a comparison, see the benefits of each and decide which one fits your expectations the most.

5.    Tips for choosing the right floor plan

          Make sure you check out several options before you make a decision. Some web sites also offer a 3D tour, which is even better because you can really imagine how it would be to be inside the camper.
When you choose the floorplans, focus on the following things: what is next to the entry door, how easy it will be to go around certain facilities, the position of the toilet, which way the bed faces, how the kitchen area will be when you cook. These are the most relevant features of a floor plan that you should focus on.

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Visitor's story...

Any 5th wheels connoisseur knows that you need to take a good look at the fifth wheel floor plans in order to find one that will suit your requirements and your family preferences.

The best way to see such floor plans is on the Internet, on the official websites of the vendors, as you browse there through many 5th wheels until you discover the one that is right for you.

There are several things that you need to consider when comparing different fifth wheel floor plans.

One is the convenience.

Do you really like how the kitchen area is displayed?

Do you prefer to have the cabinets places there? Do you want the bedroom to be arranged like this?

These are all questions that will pass through your mind, once you are set on buying a fifth wheel model for you and your family.

Some vendors will even offer you 3D tours to see how the models look on the interior, and not just from outside. This is a great opportunity for you to evaluate so many aspects that can prove annoying at a later date, but you won’t be able to change, once you decided to go with a certain floor plan.

The fifth wheel floor plans play a major role in the process of selection for the vehicle that you will use for years to come. It is an important decision, so do not hurry up and jump to the first model that catches your eye. Consider consulting your family and friends and even other people that use these vehicles and find out which is the best floor plan that will suit your requirements.

As almost all the manufacturers and vendors offer you the possibility to choose between several floor plans, depending on the model, you can decide which model you need. Each floor plan corresponds to a model, from the same series, so, if you like a certain model, you do not have to give up on the series that you are fond of.

Remember: when shopping for 5th wheels, do not forget to take a look at the fifth wheel floor plans.

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