Fifth Wheel Haulers

What is the difference between fifth-wheel haulers and 5th wheels?

Fifth wheel haulers are preferred by some consumers, as they can be easier to drive around than the 5th wheels that need special towing.

These people appreciate more a short box truck, and the main concern is that the box does not bump into the cabin when driving.

A special hitch wisely installed in the back of the cabin will solve this issue, but, at first, you need to be aware of this aspect, so you will know what to do when the situation arises.

For instance, when turning the vehicle in a camping area, you can end up having your rear window squashed, and this is one thing that you do not want happening.

For this, the landing gear has to be lowered, the hitch needs to be unhooked, then pushed back and relocked again with the trailer just to get it under the trees.

When you look for 5th wheels with this convenience, you need to look for fifth wheel haulers or truck beds, as they are also called. There are many models to choose from, especially those manufactured by Ford.

You can find some nice deals on manufacturers’ sites or you can try your luck with the wholesalers and see what they have in stock. These markets are the best places for trying to sell your fifth wheel as well, and you can get a price that will satisfy you.

As for tips on how to use fifth wheel haulers, you need to read more from what was written by people that have more experience than you with this type of vehicles. The hitch is one thing, as we showed you earlier, but there may be other aspects that you will need to take into consideration.

Of course, with more convenience, comes a bigger cost.

So, if you intend to search through 5th wheels that can offer convenience and a good price, try search for fifth wheel haulers, and you may get lucky.

Visitor's Story......

What do you know about fifth wheel toy haulers?

I see many of the fifth wheel toy haulers around the Kentucky and Louisiana areas it seems like. These trailers are designed to carry around your toys such as a three-wheeler, jet skis and a motorcycle or dirt bike. You have available living quarters with enough space. You can find some nice affordable 5th wheel haulers.

I have not seen any for sale in the years of 1997 or 1998, but I do find some for the years 2004 and newer.The latest one I seen for sale was a Fleetwood with a corner shower designed like a home shower unit. It was unique I might say.

Another 5th wheel trailer I found was a Jayco toy hauler. It was a thirty-seven foot wide camper with an 8ft width. It has forty-gallon grey, fresh and black water tanks and a sixty-gallon propane tank. With three slide outs and front leveling jacks, you will have a spacious amount of room and level as well. It has sixteen-inch tires and a spare. The roomy fifth wheel camper also has the room for your additional toys you might take along. The price for a 2004 was under forty thousand dollars.

Since most of the newer models have fiberglass exteriors, you usually have a lighter weight then with other materials. The footage for width is usually standard but the length does vary on fifth wheel toy haulers. The specifications can also vary from model to model as they have different designs.

You can buy some real nice ones that are used as well as new ones. The 5th wheel campers make it nice for people who have hobbies besides camping. Bike racers and other use these trailers to travel and haul their bikes around. That is probably why you see then in many campgrounds you visit.

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