Pop up Camper Canvas Replacement

Owners of any RV tent campers know very well that at some time their pop up camper may need canvas replacement....

The most important part of a pop up camper or tent trailer is the tent: this is what makes it easy to use, cheap and gives this camper the flexibility of a tent. However, in the same time the canvas is what makes pop ups less comfortable and homy than other travel trailers.

The canvas can easily be damaged by the elements. Fortunately there are many stores that sell complete brand new canvas for many types of pop ups. Before you buy anything make sure that the new canvas will fit your camper, otherwise you will have problems when installing. If you decide to replace the canvas of your pop up camper, these instructions will help you.

To remove the old canvas, first look inside the camper and find the place where the canvas connects with the walls of the pop up. usually a metal bracket holds the canvas which is secured by clamps. The metal bracket is what makes the canvas stretched, with two parts pinching it for a tight and secure fit.

You can remove the canvas by unscrewing the screws that hold the clamps with a screwdriver from the wall. Once you have removed the clamps you can also move the bracket and free the canvas. Once the old canvas is removed, you are ready to install the new one.

Most pop up canvas replacement parts are sold in four or five separate pieces which later can be attached. There are two pieces of canvas for the slide out bed areas, two for the area around the door and a smaller pieces of canvas for the other side of the camper.

Watch the process of removing the pop-up camper awning

To start, lay the new canvas on a flat surface. The ground in the garage is a perfect spot for replacing the canvas. Grab the upper edge where you will find the supporting rods. They are usually made of plastic. Starting at the front bed area of the pop up push these supporting rods into the channels made of metal. These channels are located above the bed.

The next step is to tuck in the edges of the canvas. You can use a flat head screwdriver for this purpose. Do this from corner to corner, with the upper and the lower edge of the canvas as well. Some models of pop ups also have screw holes so you can secure it with screws.

Using a screwdriver secure the canvas to the hard side of the pop up. Repeat the process of putting the supporting rods in the channels and tucking of the canvas across the door area, the other bed area and the rest of the sections of the camper.

Once you are done securing the canvas, use a zipper to connect all the sections. Some models can be simply zipped with zippers, while other have Velcro. Make sure that all the sections are well attached so you don't risk water leaking into the camper.

Visitor's Story.....

When you are in need of a pop up camper canvas replacement, you may want to look at the dealer. The best place to look will be online.

There are many well-established companies that have the pop up camper canvas replacement on hand or they can make it quickly for delivery.

Massachusetts and Michigan residents may want to check for shipping costs, which I believe you will find affordable.

Pop up camper canvas replacement for a tent pop up is made from a durable canvas material that lasts for years.

The top, when taken care of, will last longer before a need for a pop up camper canvas replacement.

Whether you have a truck pop up canvas or a van conversion with a canvas material, you can find everything you need online.

So when you’re ready to take the 2 wheeler or the 5 wheeler out on a camping trip you can be assured of having a pop up camper canvas replacement by the time you’re ready to leave.

Camping is easy, but you still need to care for the canvas and trailer. When you are ready to pack the camper up to go, make sure the canvas is dry to prevent mold and mildew, which deteriorates the canvas. Pop up camper canvas replacement comes with instruction on caring for the popup tent camper.

Pop up camper canvas replacement does not mean expensive, canvas tops are affordable. Considering the canvas top on a tent lasts for many, many years, you definitely get your money from it.

Pop up camper canvas replacement material is sturdy, durable, and sewn with a strong stitching material for durability. So remember to always keep your canvas tent pop up clean and dry when putting away for long periods to prevent future damage. Campers should always be checked for wear and tear before leaving for your destination.

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