Advanced Camper Designs
Review of concepts of future RVs

Presentation of new existing designs and concepts of folding, collapsible or expanding travel trailers representing modern and technologically advanced RVs of the future..... 

      As mentioned earlier, today many of us are living in the World of Excess (we not necessarily have chance to be part of it, but certainly all of us can see and/or feel it). 

The technological advances combined with increased need for elegance, stylishness (so in general "aesthetically" sound designs) as well as some sort of "away-from-home" lavishness largely changed the RV industry. As we pointed out in the first part of this article (see --> PREVIOUS page) the traditional gigantic luxurious rigs, or on the opposite side of the financial spectrum - pop-up or A-frame trailers are finding strong competition from ultramodern, eco-friendly, sometimes very futuristic new RV designs.

Before we go farther, let's see what happened in the RV industry in recent years.

And the good news is that some of these designs are already commercialized as you will see below.

       Some of them may never gain widespread popularity, some are too new to jump to conclusions but certainly all of them show human ingenuity and “out-of-the-box” thinking! Well, did you have a chance to see a breath-taking design of --> sCarabane? (it was shown in the 1st part of this article)  

BeauEr 3X Travel Trailer

Let's see the "magic", It's amazing :-) 

         This truly innovative design was invented by Mr. Eric Beau and then built by his father Pierre (both French enthusiasts of RV-ing).  It consists of the central module where all bulky and heavy features are located and two sliding-out “telescopic” modules (one on each side of the central one) containing sleeping and living areas.

Once fully opened, the camper triples its usable area (from 43 sq.ft/4m2 when closed to 129 sq.ft/12m2 when opened) hence its name BeauEr 3X reflecting both – inventor’s name and properties. ....

See details at: ---> BauEr 3X Telescopic Travel Trailer

TrailManor Travel Trailer

Another "Out-of-the-box" invention - TrailManor. Isn't it amazing?

       The TrailManor travel trailers consist of bottom half-shell and two upper half-shells. When collapsed (travel configuration) they all overlap together forming one low profile box. During the set-up process both upper shells are lifted-up (like in classical Hi-Lo camper), however at the same time in contrast with the latter they are also shifted lengthwise toward the ends of the bottom shell.

In fact, TrailManor travel trailers do not really belong to the class of folding RVs like for example A-Frame or traditional tent pop-up campers. Some (including the manufacturer) call them Rise Travel Trailers, or “Collapsible” campers, but it seems to me that more accurate name will be Retracting campers (although technically it describes reverse-sense operation).  To make things even more complex, some TrailManor floor-plans include slide-outs....

See details at: --> TrailManor Travel Trailers

Hi-Lo Travel Trailers

Sadly, Hi-Lo concept somehow did not get "traction" among RV-ers. May be the new "incarnation" of these campers by Kerola Group will change perception?

     The whole idea of Hi-Lo trailers was based on a concept of moving up (and down) the whole upper shell thanks to the hydraulic lift system (hence the name Hi-Lo). In more descriptive words, the upper shell fits over the bottom one when on the road and slides up (during the set-up operation) or down (during folding operation) thanks to the telescoping system.

     The campers gained some popularity among RV-ers, but at the end, these relatively “heavy” designs  lost their competitiveness to modern “lightweight” travel trailers and newer collapsible hard-side A-Frame designs. 

    Well, “things” rapidly changed when in 2014, Mr. W. Kerola (President of the Kerola Group) acquired Hi-Lo’s design, IP and trademark from Mr. Snyders family. With Mr. Kerola’s financial resources, energy and vision, the new, modern version of Hi-Lo trailers is about to enter the RV market, bringing back to life the iconic retro design.....

See details at: --> Kerola Hi-Lo Travel Trailers

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