Teardrop Campers for Sale

Finding teardrop campers for sale may bring you new nostalgic love for the past....

Teardrop Campers are some of the most convenient, small, yet spacious camper trailers.

Their aerodynamic design is very appealing and compared to their small size they offer surprisingly comfortable interiors.

The biggest manufacturers of teardrop campers are: Camp-Inn, Little Guy, American Teardrop and Aussie.

All of these companies make teardrop trailers that are of high quality and very popular, and also unique in their own way.

Camp-Inn teardrop camper trailers have a touch of vintage style, which is combined with modern functionality.

These campers are made of aluminum, which is a great material for campers since it is durable but lightweight in the same time. This is why Camp-Inn teardrop trailers are easy to tow, so even if you have a small car you can have such a trailer.

This manufacturer makes teardrops that are comfortable and have various facilities such as TV, DVD, cozy sofas, kitchenettes with stainless steel counter tops, stoves and more. There are more models of teardrop campers manufactured by this company, such as the 560 Raindrop, the 550 Teardrop and the 500 Teardrop.

Little Guy is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of tear-drop campers in the USA and in other parts of the world as well. Their most well known models are the Rascal, the Lil' Rough Rider, the Silver shadow, the 6-Wide Sport and the Little Guy R/T. They have a variety of teardrop campers for a variety of occasions.

They have off-road teardrop campers that are perfect for going out in the desert or in a wilder area and enjoy comfortable camping. Some of their campers are very tiny, and they can be towed by a motorbike. These tear-drop camper trailers are suitable for those who don’t want to go to far, just to go fishing or hiking for a night or two.

Teardrop Little Guy camper on the road...

Aussie manufactures somewhat different capers, which have a very retro look therefore they are also a bit more pricey. If you like the look of the 40s and you would love an old timer camper, Aussie is the best choice.

When you are looking for a teardrop camper, first of all you should decide what you will use it for. Do you plant to make longer trips with more people, or will it be used for quick weekend getaways only? Do you have a lot of gear (such as bikes, hiking equipment and so on), or do you prefer to walk around in nature or just go fishing?

"Little Guy" trailer overview

Teardrop camper trailers are of many types and sizes. While some of them can be heated, they have air conditioning, stereo and a kitchenette where you can cook a nice meal, others are only suitable for a comfortable night's sleep with some storage area.Teardrop campers can be bought from the manufacturer ( you can find their shops through their websites), or from dealers. For second hand teardrop campers you should visit Yakaz or eBay, or look for ads in newspapers if you prefer not to buy from online.

Visitor's Story

The Teardrop for sale are few and in between. Most people, who have them, keep the campers as a way to travel. You may see many Teardrop campers sitting in people’s yards, but most of them are not for sale. You can still find some for sale by looking around in the camping magazines and online directories.

Rental dealers sometimes offer Teardrop campers for sale that they no longer need. Take the last place I looked was a directory online that listed a 1994 Teardrop camper for sale in Maryland.It looked like it was in great shape. The campers are sold brand new at dealers in some areas of the country.

Maine has a rental dealer that rents Teardrop campers and sells them brand new or used depending on what you prefer. The Teardrop gives you another option for adventures and camping around the country. In 1993, they made some Teardrop campers styled like the Teardrop and made of a fiberglass material. Interior of wood grain and a bed frame with a firm mattress for comfort sleeping. Since Teardrops are making sort of a comeback, you are sure to see many in the parks. They have been nicknamed the tag along, because that is exactly what they look like.

There are people who take a Teardrop camper, completely restore them to a modern day appearance, and then offer them for sale. Teardrop campers for sale could be restored or new from the factory, but either way they will be affordable and stylishly designed.

Therefore, when you see a Teardrop camper trailer, you have a little knowledge about them. The Teardrop camper has been around campgrounds longer than I can remember.

The comeback they are making assures we will see them for sale more now than ever before.

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