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Teardrop Camper Trailers are some of the most interesting looking and easy to use campers that you can find on the market.

While nowadays they are somewhat rare, from the1930s up until the 1970s they were the most widely used campers in the USA and in other parts of the world as well.

Nowadays motorcycle teardrop campers are becoming popular again, as people realize how convenient they are for weekend getaways and for longer trips as well.

Motorcycle teardrop campers have many benefits which makes them the optimal choice. These campers, just like the name suggests, have a very aerodynamic shape which resembles a teardrop. This is why they are so low profile and easy to tow, they won't slow you down while you are driving and they are also very fuel efficient. It is a good choice for ecological reasons as well.

You don't need a car to drive around such a trailer, you can simply hook it up to your motorbike. Even though a teardrop camper is small and lightweight, it offers enough storage space and also a dry and comfortable place to sleep at night no matter where you are.

How to choose a motorcycle teardrop camper

When it comes to teardrop campers, there are many manufacturers and models to choose from. Depending on your budget and on your preferences, you have a variety of options to consider.

The most popular manufacturers of motorcycle teardrop campers are Little Guy, Camp-Inn, and American Teardrop Camper Trailers.

The Little Guy teardrop campers are the most suitable ones for being towed by a motorbike, but the other manufacturers have models which have been made to be towable by motorbikes as well.

Most of the models built by the manufacturers mentioned have a aluminum fiberglass exterior, which makes them so lightweight and so easy to move around.

The aluminum is also quite durable and it will offer you a dry place to sleep for a long time. These manufactures are also ideal to buy from because they have affordable prices.

According to many campers and people who like traveling lights, one of the best models of teardrop motorcycle campers is The Rascal Little Guy Teardrop camper. This small yet sturdy camper trailer can be hooked up to your bike and you are ready to go. It is suitable for fishing, hiking, and other activities, since it has also some storage place for your bike or whatever you decide to take along.

Since most motorbike teardrop campers are quite small, usually they come with the basics: a mattress where you can sleep on, windows, safety doors and storage place. Sometimes depending on the manufacturer you have some other options to choose from, such as air conditioning and other facilities. However, these are limited in a teardrop camper because of their small size.

Where to buy a motorcycle teardrop camper

Before you try looking for such camper trailers, you have to decide whether you want to buy a new or a second hand motorbike camper and then whether you would like to buy it online or off-line. All options are good and you have great chances to find good quality used campers, but also to find good deals on new ones.

If you prefer to purchase a brand new motorcycle teardrop camper trailer, the best place to look is at local dealers. If you visit the website of the manufacturers listed above, you can find more information about their stores and find the closest ones to you.

The other option is to go to RV stores and warehouses where you will surely find several motorcycle teardrop campers to choose from. New teardrop camper trailers that are towable by motorbikes can be also purchased through the websites of the manufacturers, and some other websites for RVs. Here are some that you should check out:, and

Looking for second hand campers might take longer, but this way you can find something rare and more affordable. If you have decided to purchase second hand motorcycle teardrop campers you can look for offline sellers (for instance in newspapers, classifieds and so on).

Private sellers who want to sell their used campers are often the best ways to get a good bargain. Online stores such as eBay or Yakaz are also suitable places where you can find many camper trailers such as teardrop motorcycle campers for affordable prices.

Visior's Story

The motorcycle Teardrop campers make for a nice little tiny camper to tow behind a motorcycle. These campers give more room than with the smaller pop up camper for a bike.

Whether you have a motorcycle and want to tow the camper to Minnesota, the bike can tow the camper. With the shape, you should not have all that much of a wind resistance when driving down the highway at a moderate speed.

Some Teardrop campers I saw for sale on a Harley site where a 1997 camper pulled by a 1998 Harley motorcycle or byke as some might say. The campers are so tiny and the weight under eight hundred pounds, makes for a nice camper for the over the road bike riders. This way, they have inside storage and can actually take more belongings along because they pull the Teardrop camper.

Down in Mississippi you see quite a few campers shaped like a Teardrop camper. Some of the old camping folks like the small, quaint quarters offered from the tiny campers. Teardrop campers also known as the tag along, make an easy camper to take into different places. The woods, well not on a motorcycle though, but they can be backed in when towing behind the byke.

Up in South Dakota at Sturgis, you see many little campers set up everywhere. The whole event costs some money, and many people prefer to camp at the campgrounds to save some money for the more necessary things, like fun and excitement. This is where you will see Harley’s of all kinds pulling a Teardrop camper. Motorcycle Teardrop campers have been around for a while as people started getting a little more accustom to pulling the camper for a distance. It may take some short trips here and there, before the long haul.

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