Teardrop Camper Plans

I have found a person who took Teardrop camper plans and built a nice camper.

Nowadays teardrop campers are very popular because they are lightweight, easy to tow and have a very cute appearance.

They may differ according to the size and amenities, however their “iconic” teardrop shape is pretty much kept unchanged over the years.  

If you are considering buying a new one it may be pretty costly.

But the good news is that you can build one by yourself. There are many benefits when building something (in this case teardrop camper) on your own. Obviously the biggest benefit is money - it will certainly save you some bucks.

However the best thing about building your own teardrop camper is that you can customize the original plans following your dreams or at least your personal preferences,  style, needs and taste…..

The starting point is always a good teardrop camper plan (if you have one, it can save you some $$).

Fortunately teardrop camper plans are now available online at very reasonable prices (few tens of dollars). And what is important – in most cases they come with very detailed, easy to follow instructions greatly facilitating the job.

This one can be bring an inspiration and encouragement :-)

However there is a catch – when buying online you never know if the camper plan will be complete, will include description etc…  And unlike other items you buy online, plans may be difficult to return because some customers are abusing seller confidence by ordering plans, making the photocopy for their own use and then after complaining about something trying to send them back.

Anyhow – the best option is to “touch-and-feel” approach if you have such chance.

It is worth to note that if you have chances to buy few different plans it may be beneficial. Not because you will try to build few teardrop campers, but because combined information will have better chance to “open” your imagination when customizing your camper.

The following is the video where you can see detailed instruction how to make teardrop camper by yourself.

Those seriously interested in building their own teardrop camper may follow this video (and following episodes showing the consecutive phases of this task).

The following is the video where you can see detailed instruction how to make teardrop camper by yourself.

This video is the actually tutorial on how to build a teardrop camper out of a trailer.

What you need is an old trailer and the tools.

First what you will have to do is to take off all the railings which will make the trailer look much cleaner and will look like a building platform. When you've taken off all the metal parts do the grinding.

Take off the wheels and axle. Then you will have to cure all the rust on the metal parts and paint them in order to prevent rusting again. When you've finished painting leave them to dry. Then clean the axel from grease, grind it and paint. After painting, start cutting out the pattern and making a template for the sides. When you've cut the pattern, sand the curves and make them as smooth as possible.

How to make your own teardrop pop-up camper....

Start from Part1 above and follow through all 14-een videos showing the whole process from an used trailer platform to the beautifully finished new teardrop camper.

Visitor's story

Back in 1936 there was a man from Kentucky, who wanted to build camper Teardrop style, so he did and took his honeymoon in the camper.

He saved his change from every time he broke a dollar bill and eventually built his honeymoon camper.

When you think about how to make you own tear drop camper, getting the plans and finishing the project, you see that it is not that difficult and even you cam do the job.

It may take a little more money than saving your change, but it can be done.

When you look at the years of the Teardrop camper, you realize the camper guy little Teardrop trailer has been around for many years.

When we think about the 1991 and 1992 Teardrop campers, we learn about the style changes coming from the interior more than the outside. The exterior material has changed over the years, but the style always stays the same.

This sort of takes me back to when I was younger and camping with my family in Louisiana with my mom and dad, I saw a Teardrop camper that was like a little playhouse to me.

The Teardrop camper plans give you systematic directions on constructing a Teardrop camper with the proper dimensions and needed materials for construction. From all I have seen, the plans are relatively easy to understand and complete. You start with a trailer frame and build up the shell.

Then it is onto the interior for some custom designs. The materials should not cost all that much when you consider all the work is done by you and the materials are affordable, you save enough money than buying a used or new Teardrop camper trailer.

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