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Used Fleetwood pop up camper trailer may be one of these bargains not to pass on, find guidelines and tips how to buy one.....

Coleman Fleetwood pop up campers (since these two companies now became one) are some of the most popular pop up campers, being made by the largest RV manufacturer in North America.

They are known for over 40 years in the USA and in many other parts of the world for being durable and reliable vehicles, sturdy in bad weather conditions providing a very pleasant camping experience.

Fleetwood campers, also sometimes called the new Coleman campers are lightweight compared to their size, and even the smallest models have many facilities that assure the comfort of the campers.

They have an electric lifting system and stainless steel frame, these being just a few of their benefits.

There are many used models made by Fleetwood, since the manufacturing started in 1957. Most used Fleetwood pop up camper trailers come with the basic facilities to provide comfort such as comfortable sleeping areas, a 2 or 3 burner stoves, and kitchen area.

More recent used pop up campers often have even more facilities, including queen size bed, awning, cabinets, mini fridge and a water tank.

One of the major benefits of buying a Fleetwood pop up camper trailer is that the older models made before 2011 have a limited lifetime warranty for the frame and the lift system, 25 years warranty for the floor and the bed wood, and 5 years warranty for the canopy fabric and materials.

Buying a used Fleetwood pop up camper is a good choice if you have a limited budget but you want to go for something of high quality. These campers are made of durable materials which have been created to last many years, therefore even a second hand camper should be in a good condition.

Coleman Fleetwood campers have a fiberglass roof, which resists rain and sun. The canvas is made of a durable material with various types of fabric combined with polypropylene and it is water resistant. Even though all of these characteristics point to a very sturdy construction, there are certain aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a used Fleetwood pop up camper trailer.

Presentation of used 2007 Fleetwood NIAGARA TENT CAMPER

Tips before purchasing a Fleetwood camper

Since Fleetwood pop up campers are some of the best ones you can find on the market, they also tend to be expensive. This is why getting a second hand one is sometimes the only choice to have a nice camping time.

When you decide to buy a second hand Fleetwood pop up camper, there are certain things you should pay attention to. First of all, make some research online about the Fleetwood pop pup camper trailer model that you have found.

Look at the facilities it should have, this way you know if something is missing. See the price of a new model of the same type. There are a lot of Fleetwood models and each of them is somewhat different.

Keep in mind that the lift system of a pop up camper is what gets broken first. All models of Fleetwood pop up campers have a lift system made of stainless steel and so are the cables. However, they can still break if they are overused. Make sure the camper can be raised without difficulty.

Secondly, check everything carefully inside the camper. The first thing you should check are the floorboards, the fiberglass top and the canvas. They are the first things that show signs of usage. Any holes on the top, tears on the canvas or moving part of the floorboards should be inspected carefully.

Also check those areas that are frequently used, such as folding tables, chair and beds. If you have found any flaws, you can ask for a lower price or for repairs before you buy the camper.

Before you purchase the camper, take it to a test drive with your car. This way you can see whether everything is intact and the tires work as they should. Some larger models of Fleetwood campers are more difficult to drive around.

Presentation of 2009 Fleetwood Evolution E3 tent camper

Which Fleetwood pop up camper model to choose?

Choosing the best used Fleetwood pop up camper trailer depends on your plans. There are smaller and larger models, suitable for families or for just two people. The models can be found between 1500 lbs and 4000lbs and with a 8’ to 15 length when set up. However, there are certain models that have some benefits.

All Fleetwood pop up campers made after 1992 are made of an acrylic fabric manufactured by Sunbrella. If possible, look for used Fleetwood camper that are made of this fabric, because it is exceptionally resistant to rain, mildew and rotting, and in the same time it is a breathable fabric. It is also resistant to UV and it is water repellant. A used Fleetwood camper with this canvas is a sure buy.

Used Fleetwood pop up camper trailers can be purchased on eBay, Camping World and RV USA.


When you are looking for a used Fleetwood pop up camper trailer the best find will be one that comes with everything you want already.

The Fleetwood and Coleman campers are made by the same company and have been for many years.

The similar tent pop up campers are unique in style and do have different characteristics. If you are interested in a truck pop up camper, you may want to check out the classified as well for either one.

If you have a van for towing a used Fleetwood pop up camper trailer then you may also want to haul the 2 wheeler in the van or on a bike rack.

If you have a 4 wheeler, you will have to figure out how you will be hauling that as well. Iowa and Kansas are two great places to travel with a camper. They have some nice scenery and campgrounds that are very nice for camping in a used Fleetwood pop up camper trailer.

During your adventures with the pop up camper and the ability to find a used Fleetwood pop up camper, trailer easier now a days you will be able to start camping right away. When you find just the right one you will know, and then it is just a matter of inspecting everything and making sure the canvas and screens are in good condition.

How to purchase RV pop-up camper

Used Fleetwood pop up camper trailers are less in cost than a new pop up camper would be. If you compare prices you will see that some a priced a little higher than others. Searching for the right price for what you are getting is easy with the internet.

With this bit of information, you should be able to be out on the road in no time at all. Having fun is what camping is all about and finding the right one is also fun.

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