Amerigo Truck Campers

Although Amerigo truck campers are no longer made, they are surely the best-looking truck campers ever built according to the most camper connoisseurs

The name Amerigo dates from 1970s and Amerigo was founded as a builder of truck campers.

Although Amerigo name was out of recreational vehicle industry for a long time, its name came to life again in 1991.

At that time beside the truck campers' manufacturer, the Amerigo name was associated with travel trailers, fifth wheels and camping trailers as well.

However they end up their production of campers for the second time after the 1993 model year.

In spite of the fact that Amerigo truck campers are no longer being produced, all campers made by Amerigo are considered as excellent campers made of the very good and quality materials. One piece fiberglass roof is the proof that Amerigo truck campers belong to the all weather campers' group. They are resistance to all weather elements and are very simply for maintenance. Thanks to the excellent construction and great materials, there is no possibility to water leakage.

The sidewalls are also constructed with high quality wood that can't be warped. The unit is also completely glued and screwed. Its excellent construction makes Amerigo truck campers almost indestructible. Moreover, every Amerigo camper has thick 1 ½" insulation which insure ultimate comfort and also maximum cooling. That is the reason why Americo truck campers are "all weather campers".

Thanks to all these wonderful features that Amerigo trauck camper has to offer, many camping fans are gladly own one. Many of those who are still looking to buy a camper think about getting an Amerigo truck camper. Used ones can be found online or at some local camper dealers in very good condition and number of campers when buy one decide to renovate the old Amerigo thus making it look excellent and ready for use for a longer period.

Their price is also very acceptable and affordable, so you can buy one for peanuts and with little investment you can have an excellent and durable truck camper which will give you the maximum pleasure while travelling around the country and enjoying the natural beauties.

Below is the presentation of an Amerigo truck camper.... The video is not the "best quality", however it is not about the video but about Amerigo :-)

Visitor's story

I have heard about a person who buys the campers and restores them. He has some problems with the nap and snap sags from time to time, but he finally overcame that problem and is now on his fourth truck camper with great results.

I know he bought one in Rhode Island that needed restoring and then he sold it to another person in South Carolina. You can take any year camper, a 1997 or a 1998 and use the same configurations and plans for each one.

Restoring truck camper shells back to camping condition takes a little hard work, but this something that a majority of people enjoy doing. I know a few people who do this as a hobby and make a little money on the side.

If you like to camp and a pop-up trailer is not for you, the truck camper is idea for people who prefer the confinements of the truck. It is spacious and the pop-up top adds to the room you have inside the truck camper. The nice thing is the fact that you just stop anywhere and open up the back door and have access to everything you need for BBQ’s or resting while out on the road.

The Amerigo truck campers are around if you just look. You can find a new or used camper online or in camping magazines. The years vary and so do the prices. If you find one with a great exterior and in need of help inside and the price is good, you could also fix it up yourself to be what you want. You would always have a special little camper to travel and camp all over the country.

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