About Kodiak Truck Campers

The Kodiak truck camper makes a nice piece of equipment for traveling and camping.


Kodiak manufactured various RVs such as class C motor homes, fifth wheel trailers and truck campers.

Their truck campers are no longer produced but you can still find some models online.

Now there are many people who still use and enjoy their Kodiak truck campers from the 90s when they go for a weekend or a vacation with the family.

Kodiak truck campers slide over the cab and they have a side dinette.


Kodiak Truck Camper

1995 Kodiak Truck Camper

This model of Kodiak trucks is quite big and spacious. It is 10’6” in height and it has lots of storage with several amenities. It comes with an outdoor shower, a 4 burner cook top with oven and propane furnace, a microwave in the kitchen area and a comfortable Queen size bed.

There is also a three piece bathroom that you can use during the travels. The kitchen area also often comes with a stainless steel double sink, and basic entertainment facilities, such as AM/FM stereo cassette, TV antenna and more.

Kodiak Truck (photo by Mike Myers)

Visitor's story....

Up in South Dakota back in 2000, I seen a couple who had this type of camper and they were very good about showing it to me.

They had taken the inside and made it look wonderful. He told me he was not happy with some things about the inside, so he started redoing things and before he knew it, he had redone the entire inside.

I like the pop-up top with a skylight, which was a first for me to see. If you can find a truck camper for the year 1999 or older even, you can fix it up and have a new looking camper without much cost. I recently saw down in Tennessee, there was truck camper for sale along with a pop-up trailer.

It was a package deal. The nice thing was the truck could pull the pop-up, which made it a great buy for a larger family. I would say they could comfortably fit four in each unit and still have plenty of room for the kids to say that was their space.

Although different sized pop-up trailers fit the bigger families just fine, there are those families that need extra room that a truck camper can deliver. Kids can be funny at different ages and possessive of their space as well. The Kodiak is a nice truck camper and very sporty looking at that. You can see some of the newer ones at the custom car and camper shows around the country.

If you are looking for adventure, then the Kodiak truck camper will surely give you all that and more. You have a pop-up top and depending on which one you choose a slide out on one or both sides for more room.

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