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About Truck Camper Bed And Bed Covers

Truck bed covers are very useful camping article which main purpose is to protect trucks and goods lying in the truck bed.

These covers are highly popular among those who use their trucks for transporting heavy weight goods and items.

The trucks used for this purposes usually use sturdy top covers.

When covered with truck bed covers, items lying in the truck bed are safe and protected from receiving nicks and scratches.

The best part of these sturdy truck bed covers is that they are provided with durable locks which help avoiding robbery and theft of the goods. Also they protect the goods from extreme weather conditions such as snowfall, sunlight, wind and rainfall.

Sturdy truck bed covers are made of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass or of the combination of two or more materials. They are very durable and can last many years depending on the weather conditions. They are available in variety of colors and in many different designs.

Apart from sturdy truck bed covers there are soft top truck bed covers which are made of vinyl material thus making them fragile but such truck bed covers can resist waterfall, rain and glaring sunlight. They are portable and lightweight and can be easily attached to the truck bed and also can be easily pulled back to the rightful position without too much effort.

There are other variations of truck bed covers called retractable or roll-top covers, which retract into a stored position. A lot sport paneled covers are truck bed covers where the panels move smoothly to and from, letting users taking away items from the truck bed.

Truck bed covers close the truck bed so air can’t infiltrate into the storage box. They also reduce the truck's drag thus increasing the truck's acceleration. And less drag on the truck means fuel savings.

If you don't have truck bed cover you will have to drive your truck with the tailgate open or take away the tailgate and replace it with a net to nullify the wind resistance. However both alternatives leave the goods lying in the truck bed unsecured while the truck is in motion. Furthermore, the goods may fall out of the bed which can be very unsafe while you are driving along highway or any other high traffic roads.

Considering all these you may conclude that truck bed covers are very necessary items for protecting the items not only from the weather elements but also from the possible robberies or thefts.

Sliding-out retractable truck bed cover.......(it cannot be easier)

Visitor's story....

I will tell you, there are so many ways to go camping and I ran across truck camper bed and bed covers along the way and saw something I found quiet unique.

I pop up tent that opens up in the bed of your truck. It was the most unusual thing I have ever seen.

They called it a sport truck tent and they have them for long or short bed trucks.

I figure many people will find this a great way to camp and do other things.

I saw a picture of a 1999 or 2000 truck with the tent opened up and it was comfortable looking. I am trying to get down to Illinois and Indiana soon to see some of the custom camper and car shows that start popping up this time of year.

I am curious to see the new bed covers for trucks and the camper bed covers they have. If you need a bed cover, you can find manufacturers everywhere who have some flat hard covers, canvas covers and shells for campers.

You can never have too many choices when looking for the right ca=over for your truck.

If you have a canvas bed cover, you can store things without them getting wet and then if you have this little tent popup to boot, you could have yourself a real nice setup. I still prefer the popup trailer, but love to see everything available and learn as much as I can about it.

If you need truck camper bed and bed covers, you can find some new or used covers online or at local dealers. They are mainly fiberglass, except for the canvas, but they cone in many different shapes and styles. You can cover just about any year and style of truck without looking to hard.

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