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Koa campgrounds parks are franchise campgrounds with campsites all over the country.

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is the largest system of privately-owned campgrounds in the world.

It was founded in 1962 by Dave Drum, businessman from Billings, Montana.

KOA exists in more than 45 U.S. states with over 500 campgrounds and numerous locations in Canada.

It appeals to families with children who like to enjoy some of the luxury of everyday life while enjoying outdoors at the same time.

All KOA campgrounds boast recreational vehicles, tents and camper spaces, as well as cabins. Each KOA campground is under independent ownership, which means that the owners may set forth the rules specific to their campground.

If someone is looking for a campground that is family oriented, it is hard to find a better option than KOA campgrounds. Each park is unique, yet offering quality services and facility standards that are established by franchise. What every KOA campground park offers in standard features are pull-through sites for RVs, laundry rooms with washers and dryers, clean bathrooms with hot water and showers, toilets and sinks, general stores where one can buy different items and camping supplies. They are usually pet-friendly which is very important since lot of RV-iers bring along their pets (note - some parks with cabins don't allow pets, or some breeds if they are marked as aggressive animals).

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Beside these standard features, many parks include additional amenities like large shared kitchen areas, fenced dog run areas, wireless Internet access, swimming pools….. Some of them are even horse-friendly.

Moreover, these campgrounds have plenty of entertainment options such as mini golf courses, jumping pillows and game rooms, outdoor movies under the stars, lot of seasonal special events, bicycle rentals, paddle boat rentals.

Apart from options for tents and RV campers, those who are looking for cabin rentals or rustic accommodation, KOA is also a perfect choice. Their options also include cottages, lodges and some very special accommodations like yurts, teepees, caboose, and tree houses. Most cabins include small kitchen facilities, air conditioning, and heating but most of them do not have private bathrooms.

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What distinguishes these campgrounds among other parks, is that they are all very large, level and very well maintained. Guests who decide to spend some time at these campgrounds may expect to pay between $15 and $50 per site depending on the location of the campground and depending on whether you need a site for RV-camping or tent camping.

Tour of the World's First KOA Campground -- in Billings, Montana! Does that mean OLD & RUNDOWN?! Far from it! Since 1962 this family-owned park has not only kept up with advancing times, but has kept well ahead of it.

The most popular KOA campgrounds are located on the East Coast. Most of the 15 states along the Atlantic seaboard except Delaware and New Jersey have several campgrounds. Some of them are very close to the coast while others are further inland but all of them are near major attractions.

Visitor's story.....

You will find a directory of KOA campgrounds all over the United States and Canada.

These campgrounds provide many activities and are superior campgrounds per there reputation for beautiful and clean, up to date campgrounds.

These campgrounds are built everywhere and they continue to sell campgrounds to people just like you and me.

Beach camping parks, family styled campgrounds and other types of campgrounds pop up everywhere around the country and Canada. The reviews of these parks past every expectation a camper would have.

Some have horseback riding, hiking, and bird watching, boating and yes golfing if that is your thing. These campgrounds try to fill the needs of all the people who stay in the campgrounds. Some of these campgrounds also have cottages and cabins available for renting instead of using a pop up camper or RV motor home.

Many people enjoy the campgrounds not only because they have so many activities available, but because of the reputation of the KOA campgrounds.

In order for these campgrounds to stay in operation, they need to maintain cleanliness, stay in tiptop repair and upgrades need to take place when needed.Therefore, one can assume these campgrounds will provide a good camping experience without a doubt.

KOA campground parks provide large campsites and hook ups for all your camping needs, and if that is not enough, they have activities for the kids and the entire family.

Whether you look through a directory for information on beach camping parks or another type of campground, you will find some of the nicest parks to stay at when traveling around the country.

You may even consider buying your own KOA franchise campground and live there all the time for even more excitement.

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