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Pop up truck camper trailers are more convenient versions of pop up campers.

They are not separate trailers like the pop up campers are, which have to be towed by a car or an SUV.

The pop up truck campers trailers, also called slide in pop up truck campers are attached to the truck, and the two vehicles together create one unit.

These camper trailers can be kept hooked on to the truck even while camping, they are not separated from the car like most pop up camper trailers are at camping sites.

Pop up truck camper trailers are considered easier to use and safer by many campers. First of all, while you are driving you don’t have to worry that the camper will move and slow down driving.

Trailers can cause problem especially on roads which are very windy. Since pop up truck camper trailers are attached to the top of the truck and to the bottom as well, you don't have to worry about such things. The trailer is very stable no matter how bad and windy the roads are.

Most pop up truck campers come with a lot of facilities, such as an easy pop up system to minimize the time of setting up the trailer, comfortable beds, kitchens, air conditioning, large windows for a homy feeling and more. The most popular brands for pop up truck camper trailers are Palomino, Alaskan Campers, Skamper, Sun Lite and Forest River.


Palomino pop up truck camper trailers have a lot of room for all kinds of facilities. Most models have a closet, shower and toilet, storage area, tables and seating area, stove and sink, and a comfortable bed. The most popular pop up truck camper trailers made by Palomino are Palomino Bronco and Palomino Real Lite.

Palomino Bronco

The bronco models are light weight with a pop up roof, being some of the best choices for campers. They have an easy pop up system operated with a crank.

The raised camper has a lot of stand up room and spacious interior for various facilities. The Bronco models are low profile folding truck campers, therefore they won't use too much extra fuel and your truck will be just as easy to drive as any other time.

Bronco pop up truck camper trailers have interior lights and patio light, roof vent,window shades, portable toilet with holding tank,vinyl coated canvas, and steel floor supports. You also have the option for further facilities such as CS and DVD players, refrigerator and air conditioner. The Palomino Bronco model is a short bed pop up truck camper, and there are more version available, which differ in weight and size.

Here are the specifications for the 1251 Palomino Bronco model:

Ship Weight 1,056 lbs.

Exterior Length 11' 0"

Exterior Width 77"

Floor Length 7' 4"

Wheel Well 36"

Wheel Well Dakota N/A

Exterior Height 4' 11"

Center of Gravity 34"

Fresh Water Tank 10 gal.

Gray Water Tank N/A

Black Water Tank N/A

LP Tank Capacity 20 lbs.

Palomino Real Lite

The Real Lite pop up truck camper trailers by Palomino are some of the most comfortable and convenient trailers that you can find on the market. They are perfect for any type of trip such as fishing or hiking. All Real Lite models have laminated construction, Porta-Potti storage, a two burner cook top, fiberglass exterior, roof vent, vinyl floor covering and more. If you want more comfort you have options such as TV antenna, safety glass windows, ladder, air conditioner, microwave oven, folding sofa bed and fan.

Specifications for the hard side Palomino Real Lite model

Ship Weight 1,675 lbs.

Exterior Length 15' 4"

Exterior Width 84"

Floor Length 9' 0"

Wheel Well 48"

Wheel Well Dakota N/A

Exterior Height 7' 7"

Center of Gravity 40"

Fresh Water Tank 31 gal.

Gray Water Tank N/A

Black Water Tank 4 gal.

LP Tank Capacity 20 lbs.

Specifications for the soft side Palomino Real Lite model

Ship Weight 1,056 lbs.

Exterior Length 11' 0"

Exterior Width 77"

Floor Length 7' 4"

Wheel Well 36"

Wheel Well Dakota N/A

Exterior Height 4' 11"

Center of Gravity 34"

Fresh Water Tank 10 gal.

Gray Water Tank N/A

Black Water Tank N/A

LP Tank Capacity 20 lbs.

Palomino Real Lite popup trailer setup - Model 801 with the fridge and furnace

Alaskan Campers Truck Pop Up Campers

Alaskan slide in pop up truck campers are also a great choice for camping. The original Alaskan camper was made in 1953, and it has been getting better and better ever since. These campers are perfect for any type of terrain, they endure bad weather and cold, and they offer a comfortable camping experience. They are lightweight therefore they don't slow down driving.

The Alaskan pop up truck camper trailers have a hydraulic lift system. They can be raised and lowered easily by using a hand crank, but the newer models have an electric lift system.

Thanks to the pop up system there is enough standing room inside when you stop to camp, but while you drive the camper is folded for reduced wind resistance. Alaskan pop up truck campers have an insulated solid wall, which is convenient not only for reasons related to the weather conditions, but also safety. They have glass windows and not plastic ones, like some other pop up truck campers do.

Alaskan Mini Truck Camper

This slide on pop up camper for trucks is very small, ideal for cars such as the Toyota Tacoma.

The dry weight of this camper is only 940 pounds.

Even with its small size it contains a comfortable bed, refrigerator, water tank, sink, stove, sofa and storage space, in short everything which you need for a comfortable camping. It has a 10 gallon fresh water tank.


Dry weight 940 pounds

Water tank 10 gallons

Wet weight 1030 pounds

Length 76 inches

Propane tank 2 gallons

Interior height 6 feet

Alaskan 10 foot truck camper

This popular model of Alaskan campers has additional space, being perfect for a family getaway into nature. It has a 27 gallon water tank, sink, battery, refrigerator and electric hydraulic system for a faster set up. It can also come with a dinette and double sink. It has a table for four people, sleeping space for four which makes it a family camper.


Water tank 27 gallons

Length 10 foot

Interior height 6'4''

Alaskan Campers starring Bryan Wheat- Top up, Top down

Visitor's Story

The pop up camper trailer is just as inviting as a tent pop up camper trailer.

Camping has always been a favorite time for me and I have pasted that on to my son.

He has a Jayco truck camper trailer and he just loves taking it every where.

The nice thing about the truck camper is you can stop anywhere there is parking and crawl in the back and take a nap.

His pop up truck camper trailer has seen states such as West Virginia and Wyoming.

He says the traveling experience has been exciting and he can drive as long or as little as he wants.

The idea of pulling into a rest stop and being able to rest in the trailer has provided a lot of people the opportunity to see more of the states than others. You don’t have to have a plan for traveling and camping.

The pop up truck camper trailer is also great for camping in a campground. This is an ideal way to see the scenery and get places fast. His latest stop in Wisconsin found him seeing the many different sites that they have to offer. He did a little fishing and site seeing. The truck camper is an idea way for a person to pack up and go any time you want.

Coleman and Fleetwood have a pop up truck camper trailer as well. These units make for a very comfortable adventure. If the truck camper fits in with your lifestyle you may want to consider this type of camper for you and your family. You may not have all the comforts of home but that is probably why you should this type of camper in the first place.

A pop up truck camper trailer is an easy way to take off anytime , and when you don’t want to use it for a while you can either leave it on the truck or you can detach it and lower the leg braces to store it when your not using it. But you probably will want to use it all the time. It is so much fun traveling all over, that this is an ideal answer for many people who only need so much space and don’t want to tow a pop up tent camper behind the vehicle.

Towing a camper isn’t bad at all but some people prefer to have a pop up truck camper trailer instead. Of all the campers I have seen, they are nice and roomy inside. They can be made to look and feel like home without some of the accessories allowed with a tent pop up camper trailer.

One nice thing about these trailers is and always will be the ability to stop anywhere and take a nap or just rest from driving. You can find a roadside part and fry out and still have your necessaries right there for you. No digging around and trying to find things in a fold down camper.

Pop up truck camper trailer consists of a camper and a truck. You will want to supply your own truck most of the time because everyone has different tastes in vehicles.

The insurance on a truck camper are also a little cheaper than a fold down camper. This could be another plus for people wanting cheaper insurance and still be able to travel and camp out.

So the next time you see a pop up truck camper trailer, they probably are on an adventure and just driving and enjoying the land around us. Everyone enjoys the outdoors and fresh smell of the plants and trees.

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