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Getting familiar with Motorcycle Campers may change your way of traveling forever...

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Lees-ure Lite: Excel

Lees-ure Lite: Model Excel

     Lees-ure Lite is a Canadian RV manufacturer located in BC. They are  in RV business for 25 years and currently have two models of motorcycle campers: Original (smaller) and Excel (wider).


  • Weight – 255 lbs
  • Size – 54” x 66” (length 11 ft when open)
  • Bed size – 54” x 81”
  • Internal storage – 30 cubic feet
  • Dressing area head-room 6’4”

See details at: --> Lees-ure Lite Excel bike camper

Roll-a-Home campers

Standard (narrow-body) Roll-a-Home camper: fully set-up

Here: an easy access to the independent storage box when folded.

        Roll-a-Home is a small, family-operated business founded by Billy and Sheila Betche. The company offers two models of motorcycle campers: Standard (with bed dimensions of 47” x 78”) and a wide-bed model with a slide-out section of the bed (with bed dimensions 71” x 78”).

         The independent trailer’s storage box located under the tent-housing box is another unique part of the design. But like always in life, nothing comes for free, so in the case of a wide-bed Roll-a-Home camper, the price comes with a more complex set-up time and a few tens of more pounds of weight.

See details by selecting: --> Roll-a-Home motorcycle campers

Evo-Pod "Pocket-Camper"

Evo-Pod motorcycle camper: Open lid exposes tent and bed hardware (still folded) as well as large trailer's storage space.

The yellow "Nose" covers the front bin able to hold 10 gallons large cooler.

Evo-Pod: Open tent while the optional external room is being attached

       Evo-Pod is an Australian "pocket-camper". It's designed for towing by large motorcycles, tricycles, ATVs, and small cars.
The best of it is a very stylish, aerodynamic, molded-fiberglass design, and huge storage space available in all camper configurations (folded and opened).
The bed and tent's hardware can be quickly removed converting this camper into a regular (although still very elegant) cargo trailer able to carry up to 220 lbs of load.
The bad news is - even though the first units were manufactured back in 2007, it seems that till these days this beautiful motorcycle camper still did not gain the market's attention. Maybe even the production was halted?
Nevertheless - it is still a good idea to see what's going on in the world.

If you agree with me then go to: --> Evo Pod "Pocket Camper"

Roadster Camper

Australian-French Roadster Motorbike camper trailer

The Roadsters are a great example of the evolution of an Erde trailer. They are slightly modified and equipped with compact canvas roof-top-tent. The final product provides the best of “several worlds”:

  • Easy to set up sleeping space (it takes mere 3 minutes to open the tent by flipping it out).
  • Large watertight cargo space with a capacity of over 600 lbs (12,4 cubic feet)
  • Designed for towing by larger motorcycles and tricycles (taller version can be towed by small 4-cylinder cars).
  • Affordable cost for “camping on the run” as well as multipurpose cargo trailer.....

See details at --> Roadster Motorcycle Campers

Motorcycle-campers: Nuko Industries (represented by Trailmaster)

This video shows the set-up procedures of the Aspen line of lightweight, pop-up campers (Aspen Sentry, Classic & Ambassador).

          The manufacturer offers the series of Aspen motorcycle campers including three models – correspondingly: Sentry (subcompact), Classic (compact), and Ambassador (lightweight) tent trailers.
All models are built on a 1” x 2” steel-box sealed frame with Torflex or Dexter suspension, four stabilizing jack-stands at each corner, and a fiberglass body. The bedroom platform is leveled by the telescopic “bed-to-ground” support; including a soft-foam mattress. There is easy access to the cargo space in both – folded (travel) and set-up tent configurations. Tent urethane-backed polyester fabrics is UV stabilized for better weather resistance.
Front Cooler Racks are designed for Igloo’s Marine coolers. The manufacturer provides also a long list of options that can be purchased individually according to needs.



  • Size 46”W x 60”L x 36’H
  • Bed 60” x 90”
  • Cargo 22 cubic feet
  • Front room 25 sq. ft


  • Size (6’ x 13’5’ in open position)
  • Bed 45 sq. ft
  • Cargo 22 cubic feet
  • Front room 36 sq. ft (3” above the ground level protects from rainy weather)
  • Ceiling 7’6” in height at the center

The Classic model has an internal AC duct/tube with an external access panel for an optional portable AC unit. Also optional are a free-standing 9’ x 9’ “Clubhouse” and semi-attached to the main tent 5’ x 6’ sun/screen room.


  • Size 46”W x 60”L x 36’H
  • Bed two standard 45” x 78” beds with optional Queen extension (2” mattress included)
  • Cargo 28 cubic feet
  • Bedroom aisle 24 sq. ft (6’8” ceiling height)

Two bed-boards slide out on each side of the camper leaving the spacious center aisle with enough room for dressing as well as a small breakfast table.

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