Valley Fifth Wheel Hitches

Valley Fifth Wheel Hitches have been produced by Valley Industries, which has been manufacturing a complete line of high quality trailer hitches and towing accessories for over 60 years.

The company produces not only professional quality hitches but also affordable hitches that perfectly fit your vehicle.

Their products are long lasting and very secure. 

Moreover, Valley fifth wheel hitches are very easy to install; thanks to their innovative design they don't require drilling on most applications.

They are known to be faster and easier to install than other fifth wheel hitches and they work in all conditions no matter whether you are occasional user or you are hauling something heavy-duty.

Valley fifth wheel hitches are available with Single Pivot, PullMax double pivot and Power Pull Xtreme double pivot heads. They all have a superior black powder coat finish to prevent rusting.

Single pivot Valley fifth wheel hitches feature one-piece jaw for easy hooking and unhooking, which wraps around and securely captures the kingpin, which eliminates rattling. They have removable handle for safety purposes and have a positive latch system with dual safety locking devices.

PullMax double pivot Valley fifth wheel hitches have slide bar style locking jaw with automatic locking head. 4" angular pivot provides tighter control preventing pick-up truck damage. They have rubber bumpers whose high impact alleviates the pivot movement at the end of travel trailer.

Power PullMax Xtreme Double Pivot Valley fifth wheel hitches feature head, which is fully articulating and automatically locks. The pop up indicator shows kingpin is in proper hook up position. The hitches have wrap around jaw and easy access grease fittings.
Valleys fifth wheel hitches models are 16K, 18K, 20K, 22K and 30K.

And now it's time for the presentation of the Valley 5th wheel hitch

Visitor's story......

If you were wondering about the different Valley fifth wheel hitches, you might be surprised to learn that there are some different types that you can have for towing the big rig.

First, there is the 5th wheel with glider hitch.

This type of hitch allows for more of a radius when turning, protecting your truck cab.

You can tow up to sixty-two hundred and fifty pounds with this type of hitch.

The other type of hitch is the power glide which a total adjustment of less than a foot, it is nine inches of adjustment. It is a motorized wheel power glider. I saw one of these back in 2004 at a Florida campgrounds.

I saw this beauty in 2003 in Georgia, it was a under the bed mount hitch that mounts in your truck bed for easy attachment of the 5th wheel to the truck. It will work best with lager truck beds rather than something of about 6 ft or so. It comes with or without the glider.

The standard trailer hitch is dual or single pivoting for function ability. The other hitch a saw was a glider hitch that glides toward the tailgate within up to nine inches. It is called a glider 5th wheel hitch.

These Valley fifth wheel hitches are the best for attaching and detaching the camper from or to the truck. There are many different brand names of 5th wheel hitches and a few more different choices. You can find the hitches for two hundred and ninety dollars and up.

Depending one the type you buy will determine the ease of use as well. There is however, one thing to keep in mind when buying a 5th wheel hitch, certain models are not meant for trucks with flared sides, thus may affect the pin box and the truck bed. Always make sure you have the right hitch for your truck.

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