Holland Fifth Wheels

If you are looking for Holland fifth wheel parts and accessories, you can visit the website that has everything you might need for your 5th wheel.

Holland's fifth wheel technology is one of the best in the world, offering  fifth wheels that are of exceptional durability and reliability.

It is also the most comprehensive fifth wheel product line in the world.

The family of Holland fifth wheels includes: Semi-Oscillating type, NoLube type, LowLube type, Fully (Double) Oscillating fifth wheel, Rigid type or "No Tilt", Kompensator  type and Mov-On type.

  • Semi-Oscillating type is the standard over-the-road fifth wheel. Its main task is to oscillate or articulate about an axes perpendicular to the centerline of the vehicle in order to provide normal road variations such as inclines, bumps etc.
  • NoLube type is over-the-road semi-oscillating fifth wheel designed to completely eliminate all the lubrication requirements.
  • LowLube type is over-the-road semi-oscillating fifth wheel  and is designed in such way to eliminate the use of grease on the top plate and between top plate and bracket.
  • Fully (Double) Oscillating type is a fifth wheel which provides both front to rear and side to side oscillation between the tractor and semi trailer. It is meant for vehicles that operate on rough and uneven terrain.
  • Rigid type fifth wheel doesn't oscillate about either axes of the vehicle but is fixed in location. The "No Tilt" convertible can be converted from a rigid or "no tilt" configuration to a standard semi oscillating configurations.
  • Kompensator type fifth wheel is designed to provide both front to rear and side to side oscillation between the tractor and semi trailer. This type of fifth wheel relieves the twisting force between tractor and trailer.
  • Mov-On type fifth wheel is designed to convert a standard road tractor for low cost, efficient yard spotting, switching and hauling. It is available in air and hydraulic lift.

Tips for first-time fifth wheel set-up

Holland fifth wheel models are FWAL Series, FW35 Series, FW17 Series, Heavy Duty Series, and Special and light Commercial.

  • FWAL Series are aluminum fifth wheels that are the world's lightest standard duty fifth wheel with load capacity of 55,000lbs and pull capacity of 150,000lbs.
  • FW35 Series are over-the-road semi-oscillating fifth wheels with NoLube technology with load capacity of 55,000lbs and pull capacity of 150,000lbs.
  • FW17 Series are convenient for all on-highway use; they are lightweight fifth wheels with LowLube technology and with load capacity of 50,000lbs and pull capacity of 150,000lbs.
  • Heavy Duty Series fifth wheels are designed for large multi-axle trailer loads with load capacity from 62,500lbs to 150,000lbs depending on the model and with pull capacity from 150,000lbs to 200,000lbs depending on the model.
  • Special and Light Commercial fifth wheels are designed for light commercial vans with load capacity of 8,000lbs to 20,000lbs and Xgross trailer weight capacity of 32,000lbs to 40,000lbs.

Visitor's story......

Back in 1984, I saw a company that sold the products for fifth wheels, but I would have to say Holland seems to have everything you need even more than earlier years.

I was looking around this company so I could tell you a little about the things they have for sale.

You can find downloadable catalogs and owner’s manuals for fifth wheels. You will also see installation instructions and custom service tools for your needs.

For every part they have you will also find all the information you need for installing and specification sheets. You will also see the warranty for that given product. If you are looking at a FW35 Series, you can choose from no lube, low lube, oscillating, air release and sliding.

You can find just about any type you need. You can buy the right one by knowing the length of your unit. If you have a 30 ft length and a width of eight foot, you will want the right 5th wheel for your unit. You never want something that is not rated for the weight as well.

Whether you have a 1994 unit or a newer unit, you still need to have a fifth wheel that fits properly. There are many different models for Holland fifth wheel such as the heavy duty, light commercial, Fleetmaster and many more models. Whether you live in Massachusetts or Michigan, you can order these 5th wheel series.

Finding just the right one should be easy with Holland since they have s many different ones to choose from and all the reading materials you could possibly need. Do not forget to check the warranty of all the products.

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