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Find where in Alaska you can rent a camper that will meet your needs and make your vacation an unforgettable experience….

Taking into consideration the area, Alaska is the largest state in the United States.

It has great coastline that expands nearly 34,000 miles with countless islands along.

This state is adored by tourists from all over the world.

But Alaska is not only about the coastline, the state has interior of stunning beauty including abundant lakes, mountains, glaciers…. and reaching as far as the horizon - The Real Wilderness. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the pristine nature) Alaska doesn't have so many road connections as the remainder of America. 

Marine transport and trains play here considerable higher role than on the mainland south of Canadian border. And unusually important role plays the air transport.

So let's see what waits for you in Alaska and can be part of your RV Adventure :-)

Alaska has many attractions and offers fascinating adventurous activities. All those who enjoy fishing, hiking, mountain biking, in one word, nature lovers will find satisfaction here. This state is rich in stunning glaciers scenery, and natural life. Maybe the best attraction in Alaska is Alaska Glacier Bay National Park located in southeastern Alaska. The place is known for its massive glaciers, where the tallest one stretches 15,320 feet.

Another great place worth seeing is Denali National Park where visitors can see the highest peak of North America, Mount McKinley which is 20,320 feet tall. Kenai Fjords National Park covers an area of about 1,760 square miles and is located near the town of Seward. If you visit this park, you will have the feeling that you have gone back into the ice age. People coming to Alaska usually expect to see bears. And the best place for that is Katmai National Park, which boasts the largest brown bear population in the world.

One of the oldest national parks in Alaska is Sitka National Historical Park where you can explore exhibits on historic and modern totem poles, Russian and native artifacts and temperate rain forest and beaches.

Filmmaker John Holod offers tips about traveling to and from Alaska with an RV, including a travel secret you may not know

Visiting Alaska by a camper may be a fascinating experience. Seeing calving glaciers, dog sledding across snowy plain, auroras, and in general extraordinary sceneries will make your holiday an amazing experience since Alaska is very different from the rest of American states.
If you want to rent a camper in Alaska there are some places where you can do it.

Welcome to ABC Motorhome Car Rentals in Alaska

Source: www.abcmotorhome.com/rv-rental/

ABC Motor-home Rentals is a rental company dealing with renting motor homes and truck campers at some very reasonable prices. For example, if you rent a camper for 7+nights you can expect to pay from $220 during Alaskan spring, summer and fall while during off season (between September 16th until May 15th), the price is from $130. The company is also selling RVs to the vacationers and residents of Alaska. Moreover they are willing to help you plan your Alaskan trips from the beginning till the end suggesting you what to visit and where you should spend your time while camping in Alaska.

ABC Motor home Rentals
3875 Old International Airport Road
Anchorage, AK 99502
Website: www.abcmotorhome.com

Northwest Van Campers warmly invites you to their office in Alaska

Source: www.northwestvancampers.com

Northwest Van Campers provides you with the camper vans designed to fulfill all your needs. The vans are fully equipped with amenities that enable you to cook, rest and drive at one price. For 10 nights rentals you will have to pay $125 per night and if you decide to use the vehicle only for three nights that will cost you $145 per night. The vehicles come with all the kitchen and bedroom wares. The rental company also provides you with 150 free miles with each rental and 10% discount with military and student ID. What differs Northwest Van Campers from many others is that they provide you with camper vans without large advertising logos which let everyone know that you are not from Alaska.

Northwest Van Campers
19439 Timberline Dr.
Eagle River, AK 99577
Website: www.northwestvancampers.com

Warm welcome from GoNorth to visit Alaska with the "freezing picture" on the right :-)

Source: www.gonorth-alaska.com

Go North is family owned business located in Fairbanks, Alaska offering truck campers and motor homes to rent. If you decide to rent a truck camper you have three options-luxury campers, economy and budget truck campers.

As for the luxury truck campers the price is $200 per night in pre-season time, in peak season $270 and in late season $241. For economy truck campers you will have to spend $190 in pre-season, $249 in peak season and in late season $225. The last group - budget truck campers are rented for $180 in pre-season, $229 in peak season and $210 in late season. When you rent a motor home, the company has two models to offer-Winnebago Chalet/Adventurer 22/24 and Adventurer 19/20 which could be rented from $200 depending on the season.

GoNorth Car and RV Rental

3713 South Lathrop Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

and another location:

5011 Spenard Road
Anchorage,  AK  99502

Phone for both locations:

Phone: (907) 479 7272
Toll Free: 1 - 866 236 7272

Website: www.GoNorth-Alaska.com

Visitor's story......

Going out in the cold is not something that is generally my favorite idea.

But yet the Northern Lights of Alaska called to me. I really wanted the opportunity to see them and get up close and personal.

After all, that is an experience that is generally only available once a in a lifetime unless you actually live in Alaska or another suitable place and since the state is a bit cold overall for me it was only going to occur once.

Of course, with the cold temperatures sleeping on the ground or just a tent was completely unacceptable and I did not want to deal with the hassles of finding a hotel.

My solution was brilliant and simple.

Get a pop up camper rental Alaska and take a space heater with me. I decided to venture into the depths of Alaska for the once in a lifetime experience that I was craving. I decided to go to Chugach State Park, which is considered the 3rd biggest park in America.

In terms of special occasions, this was certainly going to be a really exciting experience for me. I have to admit that I was thoroughly excited to find out that the Northern Lights was even more gorgeous than I had ever anticipated.

Overall, it was one of the most exciting trips that I have taken in a very long time. Of course, aside from the Northern Lights themselves, I took plenty of time to explore some of the other fabulous aspects of the Alaska parks that are just as beautiful.

Going to Alaska may not be high on your list of things to do, but it certainly is well worth your time and very much worth the effort to visit. As you can imagine, a pop up camper rental Alaska was a very wise investment and added greatly to the trip.

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