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RV Rentals in California are great gateways for your dream camping vacation in this wonderland, find best RV rentals here….

California is a very popular tourist destination due to great weather conditions and plenty of attractions.

Beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountains, national parks are just a few things that California has to offer.

Those who are outdoor lovers can experience the majestic beauty of its snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, fast rivers and amazing flora and fauna.

For all these reasons, California is considered as a true vacation wonder-land.

Not knowing where to start and what to see in California is not an unusual situation in which many campers will find themselves when deciding to spend their vacation traveling through this wonderful state by camper. The beauty of desert is something that mustn’t be left out.

Pacific Highway is an Iconic "must-to-drive" road, but hey. look at all these RVs along the road.... May be you should take some "roads less traveled"?

However, what makes California the most famous of is Disneyland, located in Anaheim. It is on the very top of the list of the most popular attractions in California. This place is especially interesting to the kids because they can see here all their favorite cartoon characters. Napa Valley - the greatest producer of wine in USA is located about 50 miles north of San Francisco. It is an excellent place for wine lovers with many wineries where all the visitors can taste wines for free.

Another famous attraction, worth seeing is Golden Gate Bridge, the largest suspension bridge built in 1937. It has become an iconic symbol of the city of San Francisco. While touring around the California, one shouldn’t miss out Yosemite National Park, a place of scenic beauty and a favorite destination for rock climbers.

Tourist attractions in California are numerous so Monterey Bay Aquarium is your next stop. Here you can see a variety of marine life like sharks and wolf-eel. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are the testaments of nature’s great beauty and size where you will be surrounded by tremendous mountains, steep foothills and world’s tallest trees. However if you are an inexperience driver, driving along winding mountain roads can be quite dangerous but by all means beautiful.

Camper rentals companies in California are:

Happy Travel Campers was founded in 1987 offering used VW Westfalia campers for rent, but over the years the fleet has grown and now includes small economical van campers and larger motor-homes that can sleep up to 6 people. All their units are equipped with all necessary amenities and are ideal for family touring. The company has two locations in California – one  in San Francisco and second one in Los Angeles.

Happy Travel Campers
14273 Washington Ave,
San Leandro
San Francisco, CA 94578


13820 Hawthorne
Blvd, Hawthorne
Los Angeles, CA 90250
Website: www.camperusa.com

Advantage Caravans offers motor homes and travel trailers of all shapes and sizes that sleep comfortably up to eight people. All vehicles offered by Advantage Caravans contain “in-house” bathroom and shower, kitchen with oven, stove and microwave and for your entertainment the units feature a TV with a DVD player. Amenities included are also water heater and air conditioning. Recreational vehicles are not the only things that the company has to offer for renting. The rental includes also some other camping accessories like bikes, BBQ grills, generators…..

Moreover, Advantage Caravans will even deliver RVs to the customers’ location.

Advantage Caravans
1064 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 95815
Website: www.advantagervrentals.com

Luv2 Camp is the premier camping trailer company in southern California which is dealing not only with renting campers. The company also wants to help their customers by delivering trailers right to the campsite where the customers are located. It is a family owned business which offer camping trailers equipped with a shower and tub, refrigerator that operates on propane, stove and oven, heating and cooling systems and many other features to enhance the camping experience. Rental rates start from $299 for 2 nights/3 days with 2 nights minimum stay on week-days and 3 nights minimum on holidays.

Luv2 Camp
200 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA

Visitor's story....

While the idea was to get a pop up camper rental California so that I could easily spend plenty of time exploring the state I must admit, my original intentions were to do plenty of shopping.

After all California is full of some of the best shopping you will ever find. Of course, celebrities are always able to look amazing; they actually live in California so I was going to attempt at spending a lot of time shopping.

However, upon my arrival I was so amazed at all of the gorgeous parks, trails and beaches that shopping quickly disappeared out of my mind.

The entire trip was something almost out of a dream. From hiking through the huge parks to viewing the waterfalls and even watching the sunrise on the beach, I have never had so much fun on a camping trip in all of my life. I decided to spend the majority of my time at Big Basin Redwoods which is a gorgeous park that runs from the ocean up into the gorgeous mountains.

Connecting to the scenic views, gorgeous beaches and all of the wonderful landscaping made the entire experience something that was truly amazing. Before I went if someone had told me that going camping would be so much fun I honestly would have laughed at them. The idea of roaming around the state camping had never been high on my list but it certainly is not.

The gorgeous views and experiences I gained from camping more than make up for the lack of shopping. Besides, who needs yet another pair of black shoes when the gorgeous mountain views are calling? I just cannot believe I have not gone camping with a pop up camper rental California much sooner.

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