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There are several manufacturers of camper shell parts, the most popular one is Leer.

Camper shells are excellent addition with very practical functions.

Apart from adding your vehicle a personality, their main purpose is to cover the bed of the vehicle and to provide a protective roof over whatever you're carrying on your truck bed.

Not only are they useful for protecting your cargo from the weather elements, they also secure it from being stolen.

Finally, they can also serve as a camping shelter.

There are many kinds of camper shells made for different vehicles. They are made of fiberglass, aluminum, thermoplastic and steel.
When it comes to camper shell parts, generally camper shells don't require replacement parts if the shell is properly maintained.

However, there are some cases when you need to change some part in your camper shell because it is damaged due to long-term use or inadequate handling.

Although, there are plenty of different models of camper shells, very often they use the same parts.

If your vehicle is of certain brand, it doesn't mean that you have to get the part from that same manufacturer.

Different brands’ parts may perfectly match to your shell.

It is not uncommon to see that windows of the camper shell are broken (usually due to an attempt of robbery, an accidental stone on the road or mishandling the cargo).

Demonstration of Cap-Up-kit allowing to easily raise the camper shell....,

Indeed the camper shell windows are the most common parts that may need replacement. Their function is to provide light and air in the truck camper. If you must replace the window, first you have to measure the window and the frame kit, then according to these measurements you can buy a new window. If you are skilled enough you can replace the broken one by yourself, otherwise you will have to find a professional to have it done.

Apart from shell windows there are other camper shell parts that are prone to damage.  These are shell doors, locking systems, clams and mounting hardware, gas props or struts, dome lights.

Camper shell doors are usually located on the back of the vehicle and provide you easy entrance into the interior of the truck bed.
Locking systems are highly important parts of camper shells because they keep your stuff secure.

When buying a new locking system due to malfunction of the old one, you will also receive two additional keys.
Clamps and mounting hardware are used to securely attach a camper shell to the truck.

Gas props are coming in different lengths. When buying new ones you have to measure them when fully extended. Measure them from the center of where the ball sits to the opposite side. This measurement is important since gas props with wrong length will not fit into place.
Seals protect your truck bed and your stuff from the elements and usually they are very easy to replace.

There are several manufacturers of shell parts and plenty of dealers selling them. Most of them can be found on the Internet. The most famous and the most popular manufacturer of shell parts is Leer.

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If you need camper shell parts, you can find them at your local dealer or at an online dealer.

Camper shell normally does not need parts replaced, but if you do,you can purchase parts from the dealer or an online store that carries the parts.

The things that you made need to replace might be the windows or the latches.

In this case, you should be able to get these parts at area dealers.

To repair windows for the camper shells have them purchased and installed by area glass companies that specialize in automotive glass repair.

They work with the dealers to give you the right window with the proper tint to match your other windows. This price covers the window and installation. Some people prefer to try these themselves and end up with leaks, which can damage the interior.

If you need locks and latch, you need to talk to a dealer and receive the right parts for your camper shell. Not all parts are interchangeable from shell to shell. What you need to do is have your model and make of the camper shell when ordering any parts for your camper shell. This ensures you receive the right parts that will fit the camper shell.

If you need a part for a 1985, you do not want a part that only fits a 1986 camper shell. Although the companies handle all the parts for camper shells, they will no which ones are interchangeable and fit other makes and models.

If you order online from a parts dealer, you need to pay for shipping. Maryland and Maine differ from other states for shipping and taxing requirements. Find the camper shell parts that you need and do some comparison-shopping to find the best price including shipping and sales taxes.

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